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    TEASER Something Fun with Mizuno is Coming in 2020

    Don't be erasing any amazing experiences on accident 😂
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    Anybody ever replaced your 3 wood with a 4 wood?

    I did this year. I hit it just as far and it has a higher ball flight. With the extra loft it is also a bit more forgiving.
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    What will you remember about 2019 as it relates to golf?

    First full year in our house right on my home course. I played hole 15 a million times at dusk. My favorite hole is 14 though, I always try to get in my 4 and 5 hole loops. Playing with my main partner Will all year. We have kept a running tab on $1's and it's never gotten over $10 either way...
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    AR (Augmented Reality) & Golf

    With Apple supposedly working on a set of glasses that would overlay images onto the real world how cool would this technology be for golf? What if you just looked out over the hole and there were distances to bunkers, creeks, and the green? If they put GPS chips in the balls there could be an...
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    Your on course personality/approach?

    I am focused on the golf because I love to play, but I also joke around quite a bit and I love the social aspect of the game. I do get in my own way sometimes with over analysis though. One thing I don't do is lose my cool. I just don't like playing with someone who does so I dont do it myself...
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    Good ball with lower spin

    The AVX is a fantastic offering from Titleist. I think you would be very pleased with it's performance and it has the same high quality urethane cover the Pro V1 has so it performs extremely well around the green.
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    your town's legendary restaurant ?

    I like Ruby's and Del Friscos, but neither is a Louisville original like Pat's.
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    Which OEM "won" 2019?

    How do you feel Titleist did with their entirely new line that has been released the last 14 months? I think they botched the driver release by not dropping all 4 TS drivers at one time, but I think having all 4 of them makes it clear they want to have a club for every golfer.
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    Which OEM "won" 2019?

    Callaway definitely kept their industry leading sales position and possibly widened the margin. I think the Apex irons are wonderful and the Epic Flash driver was great. I think Titleist really brought out modern products for the first time in several years and did a lot to change their brand...
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    The Plant Based Diet

    One thing to consider is that professional athletes have the time, energy, and resources to do a plant based diet. They can pay for the supplements needed to sustain a human being without animal proteins. They can also afford to monitor themselves for hormonal and vitamin deficiencies. We...
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    CONTEST The One Length Challenge

    Good luck to everyone. This sounds like a lot of fun.
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    LIVE UPDATE THREAD The 2019 Graphite Challenge with UST Mamiya

    How bad would you have felt if you walked up and topped it on the next tee? 😂 So much better to pipe it for the rest of the day!!! That's awesome congrats.
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    your town's legendary restaurant ?

    In Louisville there are a few different places depending on what you want: - Wagner's Pharmacy is a diner near Churchill Downs where horsemen have eaten breakfast for decades - Pat's Steakhouse is the local steakhouse that has been open forever and they serve great steaks or country favorite...
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    LIVE UPDATE THREAD The 2019 Graphite Challenge with UST Mamiya

    Looks like an awesome round and a great time. Did @JB literally give his driver away? Only on THP!!!
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    LIVE UPDATE THREAD The 2019 Graphite Challenge with UST Mamiya

    They took their sleep medicine...errr meat medicine last night.

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