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    How Are You Doing?

    I am an associate pastor at our church. It was nerve racking trying to plan to allow people back in the building. We are doing our best to keep everyone safe and people are being respectful. I am thankful just to see everyone every week again. It's so nice being together again.
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    Par 5s, First and Last

    I have played several that start with par 5's and several that end with them. I have not played a cours that starts and ends with one.
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    Greatest American Rock Band?

    I probably would have to include the Eagles. I wouldn't pick them, but they are beloved by many.
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    How Are You Doing?

    I live maybe 4 miles from downtown Louisville and work a block or 2 away from the area that getting destroyed right now. No one is working downtown right now, but seeing the images is terrible. I don't think our country can take too much more right now. There is so much anger towards each other...
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    Titleist T100S Irons

    Titleist is much more focused on custom fitting and custom set make up though wouldn't you agree? Callaway in a lot of ways creates an off the shelf product moreso than Titleist does. In fact I would say the creation of a mixed set that is sold as a package with no choice of where the mixing...
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    Putter of the Day 29 May 2020

    I like it. It's a wall hanger though because I would have trouble keeping that thing strait.
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    Is Callaway in trouble

    This is very subjective criticism. Just because the author may not like Callaway products does not portend trouble for the whole company.
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    Do you need to keep improving to enjoy golf?

    I can't count that high anyway...and I'm an actuary :LOL:
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    Golf Spirit Animal

    A squirell because you can always find me playing in the woods.
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    Do you need to keep improving to enjoy golf?

    This was my exact thought :LOL: Been playing for 27 years with little to no improvement despite lot's of $'s and effort spent trying.
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    Greatest American Rock Band?

    I don't understand why we have 12 pages and no one mentioned The Beatles...
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    What Equipment Are You Seeing In Other’s Bags

    This has happened in a few circles I play with. One person got P790's then several others got them. They seem to be the favorite of the distance first crowd.
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    Greatest American Rock Band?

    Is the American part invisible to some in the title?:LOL:

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