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    BudgetGolf Appreciation Thread

    I purchased a Sun Mountain close out XCR bag in December from Budget Golf. I had a nut on the "Y-spring" that retracts the legs come off. I contacted BG about getting a replacement part from Sun Mountain. Katie P from their customer service department could not have been nicer. We traded a...
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    Cleveland RTX-4 Wedges

    I had the 62* out for a spin recently. I used it on a couple of close to the green over a bunker or poor turf to short sided pin shots. The wedge was a dream. It got the ball up quickly with a soft landing and very roll.
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    Playing in the Rain

    Yes, good rain gear and rain gloves
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    CONTEST Contest: New Forum Moods - 2019 Grandaddy of em All

    I changed my mood to relaxed. It is the weekend, the Dodgers are on tv all weekend and of course I got to play some golf today. :cool:
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    CONTEST Paradise Week Day 5: Cleveland Frontline Putter

    I would love to give this new technology a shot. I have gamed Cleveland putters in the past and think they are one of the best putters out there especially at their price point. My current gamer is a 2135 TFI 8.0 counterbalanced blade. Please help a THP'er out. 😎
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    What is your ideal round of golf?

    I'll start, playing with friends on a nice layout late in the day. Pretty views in the fading golden light with playful banter and camaraderie.
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    F/S X-100 Tour Issue pull outs 3-PW +1 wedge .355 taper tips

    Shafts were pulled from a set of Cleveland 588 mb's and played +3/4 " over stock. I used low heat and the tips have been cleaned. The shaft bands are intact but some are worn and or have scratches. The grips have now been removed. The lengths are measured tip to end 3I is 38 5/8" tip to...
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    Bill Hass injured in Ferrari crash in Pacific Palasades

    Apparently the Ferrari he was riding in collided with a BMW. The driver of the Ferrari is dead and the two in the BMW had to be cut out of the car. Apparently just prior to the crash the Ferrari side swiped a SUV that is owned by Luke Wilson...
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    WTB Srixon z545 PW

    Prefer a stiff flex but will consider a regular flex too. TIA Found
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    F/S S300 3-PW pull outs from my 588 mb's

    .355 tip diameter Professionally pulled (@ Roger Dunn's) the stock grips are in very good condition. Sold 3i length PW length Tips
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    Cleveland 588 MB Irons

    Jusy to update. ....I was able to get out on Monday and play an afternoon round. All I can say is wow. Don't get me wrong, if I make a poor swing I know it. But I really enjoyed playing with these. I shot a 79 that could have been a 75 if not for trouble off the tee. I made thee birds...
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    Score....Thank you Brian Katrek..

    I was driving home from dropping the boy off for his jury duty listening to Teed Off on PGA tour radio. They had a call in contest for a Plantronics headset. I luckily was the correct caller and knew the trivia answer. I am hoping to put these in play while practicing at the range and those...
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    My boy could use your help.....

    My boy and a couple of his friends have put together an app and have it entered in a development contest. Below is a link to the video for the contest on the desire2learn website. Their project is Euphrasia.... James is the first kid to speak and is doing the voice over. I am not sure if...

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