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    Spyglass Hill 6/28 - What will Heez shoot?

    I will go a smooth 89 43/46 for my guess.
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    Review Cleveland Golf CBX Full Face Wedges

    I am finally getting some quality time with my 60* (bent to 58*) and my 56* (bent to 54*). The full swing produce nice high but controlled trajectory. I am also able to flight the down for piercing trajectory that gives more of a hop, check and stop. But the most exciting shot is the toed in...
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    Masks on the Golf Course?

    I played last week and the required one during check in and in the clubhouse. After leaving the clubhouse the mask came off.
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    For Sale Corona sale: TM M6 9*, Srixon U65 & U85, GD MT 6 shaft, Titleist Bag

    I'll take the carry bag if it is still available.
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    Golf courses open for play in SoCal

    Yes, but it looks like the order is being changed by the board of supervisors to remove the need for masks if social distancing on the course.
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    Pick an Iron Set

    Srixon 745's for me. I just love the feel of my 545' and would love to give them a whirl.
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    Drivers adding 5-10 yards and some claim more but....

    In my opinion the driver and club advancements can be attributed to the advancement and utilization of equipment used to design the equipment and monitor the results. With trackman/GC quad and such systems the R&D and engineering departments can optimize and monitor to get optimal spin/launch...
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    Golf courses open for play in SoCal

    Riverside county courses just reopened too. Social distancing and masks required.
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    Looking at Push Carts...

    Option one. I have a Sun Mountain V1 that I added foam pneumatic tires to that works great. If I ever replaced it the new one would be lighter and fold down to be more compact.
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    Backyard Short Game Practice

    I played a small 9 hole executive courses that wrapped around part of a driving range. The holes had two sets of tees and played from 60yds to about 190yds. It was pretty cool and seemed like a great retirement type business.
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    Personal Golf Course

    I liked John Smoltz's old house that had nice synthetic green and nine different teeing areas.
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    Indoor Setups: What’s Yours?

    Thank you, I just ordered one too.

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