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  • I'm great buddy, how are you? My game is the best it ever has been actually, I put in a ton of hard work over the winter fixing some swing issues and am currently playing off a 9 HC. Glad to see you around a little more lately man. Missed you around here.
    I was a member at Rossmere when I was a kid (I'm 35 now). I love that place. I've been there twice since I stopped being a member and it's like going home again. I played Elmhurst a number of times when I was young - it's a great course - nicer than Rossmere I have to admit. I don't remember too many details about it other than the big flagpole in the middle of the putting green and the tower on the first hole!
    I played with an Elmhurst member when I was at Clear Lake last year - Wayne I think this name was. Very good golfer.
    I'm actually not a member anywhere - not worth the expense as I wouldn't get to use it enough and spend time with my 2 year old. I play at a course nearby called Southside often - it's a par 63 and if it's not busy I can do 18 in 2.5 hours. Plus they have a great grass range I use a lot. Last year I made it out to Southwood (the new one), Niakwa, Clear Lake, Oakwood, Meadows, South Interlake, Maplewood, Laverendrye.

    How about you, are you a member at a club?

    I'm in south St. Vital. I've wanted to try it but they close at 9 as opposed to 10 for the dome. It's easier for me to get out of the house later at night as we have a toddler. I will try to get out there next winter and check it out.
    dent have you looked into other types of designs or have you already made up your mind with this as a starting point?
    the way the shirt is set up thats going to be a pretty expensive piece that will have you in the chair for awhile if not multiple visits... especially when you add color to the mix
    mine are custom one of a kinds... that also adds to the price
    if i were you id search all kinds of tattoo sites
    a golf theme is completely fine
    i know ppl that have tats that signify moments in their lives and i know ppl with tats that are just utterly pointless
    the ones with meaning are much more relevant and when ppl ask about it usually a great story follows
    if you can get a golf tat that is all of the above with out looking tacky i say go for it
    id do alot of research and maybe mix and match ideas to create your own unique design
    you dont wanna pick something off a shirt and by some chance see a guy wearing the exact same shirt lol awkward
    If you get a chance to try another shaft with a lower torque setting. Do it. That torque # does sound absurdly high. Are you sure it wasn't a senior flex? I'm not wrong in assuming that your swing speed is higher than 92 right?
    Andy updated my post the other day. He said I was swaying a little bit and gave a couple of tips to stabalize the lower body. I am going to upload a couple more vids in a few days after I practice using his tips and see what else he has to say.

    Hey Dent,

    For sure, I will forward any info Andy provides. I definitely want to get it straightened out and am looking forward to tips/fixes. Take it easy man.

    Thanks Dent, for the words of encouragement. I don't think that I am putting in the appropriate time at the range like I used to when we first started lessons, so maybe that is holding me back. You my friend are the reason I wanted back into the THP community, and i'm glad JB gave me one last opportunity. I will keep you posted on my progress. You have a swing coach even while being such a low handicap? Right now we're working on getting my hips to fire thru thus having the shaft pland on my right arm on the difficult to do when I've been doing it so wrong for so long. :)
    Yes. Im a christian. The GD word just rubs me the wrong way, its cool though man. No worries. I usually say got dangit or got dammit. lol
    Haha my bad, I keep doing that I bring my slang from home onto the forum and nobody knows what I'm talking about.

    That is sick man.. tell em your THP buddys say "how you doin?"
    debs? Canadian slang? We have babes, hot chicks, milfs, and cougars haha. Yes I know a few that are smokin. Got to know a few real well to, if you know what I mean :banana:
    Or ask this one...

    Its hot 7-8 months out of the year. Girls wear bikinis and short skirts almost all the time. Especially at the lake. Some very very hot women in Texas.
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