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  • Dude, just an FYI, the KBS Tour 90 S is actually more similar to a KBS Tour R, so you might be surprised at what you could do with them...
    Hey dude. Just an FYI, SeeMore usually gets their RH heads in before their LH heads, but when I called them about a putter I saw on their site that said "RH only" they said that within a month it would be available for LH. And it was. So not to worry about the X series dude.
    I absolutely love it. The 14 dividers are full length. I haven't had a problem getting the clubs out. It has plenty of pockets and the strap and legs are very good. It is also very light.
    Dude, the vokeys are overrated and the clevelands I cant hit(shape issue, not because its a bad wedge)

    Everything about the vr forged is classic, the spin is unparalleled and the touch around the greens is unreal.
    I bought the Nike Vr Pro wedges and they are sick.. Yeah, I spent about 6 years with the RAC tp wedges from TM, but couldn't make the switch to the xft wedge with the removable face... I'd say give Nike, the Cleveland cg15, mizuno mp t-11, and the Callaway Jaws a shot.. All have their perks for sure, I just found the Nike's to work really well for me.
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