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    Happy Birthday rbarthle17

    Happy Birthday Rob. Hope you have a great day.
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    Thank You

    This isnt an easy post to make and I am not making it because I want a pat on the back. I am simply writing it to say thank you. This morning I sent a message to Josh and Morgan resigning from staff. October 30th, 2013 I was asked to be part of staff and part of the MC. Its a day that changed my...
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    Arctic Zero Fit Frozen Desserts

    Anyone ever try these? I hear they are actually quite good and its 35 calories per serving. The pint contains 3 servings. The local grocery store has them so I am gonna give it a try tonight.
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    The Players Tribune I was just reading their latest piece from Bryce Salvador, former captain of the NJ Devils who announced his retirement today through this article: But got me thinking about the Players...
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    Fare Thee Well THP Newsletter

    I know I just received an email announcing the end of the THP Newsletter and I am sure other's received it as well. I know a TON of work went in behind the scenes for these and just wanted to show my appreciation for the hard work that went into making these. THP truly is always evolving and...
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    Amazon beats Netflix to offline movie and TV show streaming I'm glad I have both services and cant wait for the day this is available from Netflix.
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    Derrick Rose accused of drugging and gang raping a woman In light of other sports stars having their own threads for things like this, I thought it only fair. Discuss
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    Unofficial contest: Caption contest

    Found 2 hats I was given and wanted to give them away to someone who would appreciate them. CONUS ONLY. Contest is easy, caption the following photo. As always let's keep it as forum friendly as possible. Prizes: Contest will run until Wednesday 11:59am. So have at it folks:
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    FS: THP Headcovers and Hat

    Was going through some boxes in my basement and came across duplicates of a few items and figured someone would probably want these more than the box in my basement. All prices are shipped CONUS. THP Dolla Bills Headcover (velcro enclosure) : SOLD THP Citrus Headcover (velcro enclosure)...
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    FS: SeeMore Headcovers

    I have a few SeeMore Headcovers that I have no use for as I don't own any SeeMore putters any longer. First up is the Black Groovy. Magnetic closure. Looking for Sold Next up is the White patent headcover with velcro closure. Minor scuff marks on one side from use. Looking for $20 shipped...
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    2016 Masters Odds are out

    633344255008706560 What do you guys think? Any surprises?
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    TaylorMade "What goes through a pro's mind" Series

    Saw @TaylorMadeTour was posting these videos and they were pretty interesting. Part 1: Part 2:
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    NHL 2015-2016 Season

    Figured it was time to start a thread for the new upcoming season. Just seeing reports that Patrick Kane is being investigated on rape charges.
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    Would you rather....

    When all participants were chosen for the Legacy, I sent out a questionnaire to everyone. One of the questions was "Would you rather play great golf individually and lose or play poor golf and win?" Also, to add on, if your team did win, how would you feel about it? Would you still be happy...
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    Happy birthday dcbrad

    Happy birthday buddy. Hope you have an awesome day!

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