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  • Not too far away - live in Knaresborough - near Harrogate and about 20-30 miles from Leeds depending on the route. Play my golf at Rudding Park - nice course and great Academy area - and an even better hotel - won worldwide awards (not quite sure it's that good if I'm honest!)
    Already have 2 of them - one slightly worse for lots of wear - better quality than I expected to be honest and I love the ball marker - always makes me smile - unless we've lost!!

    Do you game it?
    I was glad to make it for everyone and thank you for saying something about it. I have quiet a few friends around here that ask me for it all the time. It's just something I like to put together every now and then. Glad you enjoyed it.
    hahah, for some reason I thought it was a common song. Every Saint patrick's day, the local irish pub blasts that song haha.

    I always wondered what Irish people think a typical american and typical mexican look like and do haha
    hahah, I love that video, it's so hilarious, I get that song stuck in my head every time you post lol

    by the way, what's the name of that song? is it a traditional Irish drinking song?
    HAHAHA hell yes buddy! I'll bring the whiskey so you don't lose it in customs again.
    Thanks Kelly! i really wanted to rock them and show my personality. i figured all i could do was give it 100% and hope for the best. you're encouragement was really awesome as well! Really glad i'm going to be meeting you in Myrtle this year even if i have to play against you and the tree woods!
    Thanks Kelly!!! Can't wait to meet you and your soon to be lovely wife!
    Not sure if she'll be making the trip. She's an OB/GYN Doc and has a pretty packed schedule. I hope so though.
    I bet some guys are going to get nervous, and others offended, and other's will be upset and claim favoritism lol
    heck yeah, I can't wait to see the first few who will challenge the Morgan Cup champs! should be really cool
    I still love you Kelly! :) What a bit of drama that was today. I can only hope that the MC next year will be the same.
    I'm waiting on the details to come out. More than likely as long as everything works out I will be throwing my name in the hat! I will hopefully be there as a volunteer even if I don't get picked. Look forward to meeting you as you defend your title!
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