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  • Just watched your video after the end of the MC. Am so happy for you David that you got to experience it and also get engaged! You truly represent what THP is all about and I dearly hope next year I will be able to tee it up with you in some form at TMC 3.0. You rock buddy!
    Cheers bud looking forward to gettin out on the course when we have some free time. Hope ur havin an ball but nothin can beat last night really, am delighted for ye she's a Gr8 girl Dave!
    After the plane ride and the travel time, its better to learn to give it a little more than to try and learn to drastically slow it down. Ive played a ton in Scotland, and it was easier moving to slow greens, but when moving back to fast after my trip i struggled big time.

    So learn to putt on super fast surfaces, and youll be able to adjust far easier once you get here.
    Hey buddy, if you want to learn to adjust to the green speeds over here, putt on a wooden floor.
    Blah I thought you guys were about 6-7 hours ahead of eastern standard time, my bad. Sucks you have to work all weekend, I only have to work half the weekend!
    Thought I'd wish you an early Happy St Patricks Day since according to my clock, it's just about Midnight over there.

    hey mate, thanks for asking. He seems to think i have damaged a tendon in my shoulder so he worked on it for an hour with massage then ultrasound but it's been brutally sore ever since so i'll give it a few more days then go back. i have a trip to Dubai on April 1st so i need it in good shape. Hows your Morgan Cup prep going?
    Thanks for the video buddy - makes perfect sense!! Will implement this immediately.
    Thanks for the congrats. Looking forward to meeting you as well. Congrats to you as well, it's a roller coaster ride from beginning to end.
    Holy crap. Day 1 of legs is over, that was...uh...very tough. After the 2nd batch I could barely walk and then realized I still had lunges to go. Good stuff man - glad I am doing it and THANKS AGAIN!
    Thanks man - I appreciate that!! Need to just find a good beginners weight workout. I have a large Marcy machine that allows me to do almost any exercise imaginable along with dumbbells up to 45 pounds and separate curl bars. If you have anything already laid out or a simple 5x/week workout plan then I am all ears.
    Thanks dude. It was a relief. I felt like I was one of the Dark "FROGs" in this... It's just unreal!
    Crazy to see everything you have to do to make it over here for the Morgan Cup. That is a major commitment!! Great to see that you get to spend time with Regina's family in NY the week after.

    Congrats again - you will do the forum proud; I have no doubt!
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