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    Happy Birthday Smallville

    Hope you have a great day buddy
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    Rory McIlroy splits from Horizon management

    Bit of a shocker and choosing to go out on his own with his father. What's your thoughts
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    If you could ask a Tour Pro

    As many of you know Callaway staffers in this years Morgan Cup have an honorary captain in the form of Annika Sorenstam. Yesterday myself and the other 7 Callaway staffers received a PM from our tour rep informing us that we could submit 4 questions each. These questions would be put to Annika...
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    Logo Overrun Golf Balls

    This may have been posted before, if it has please merge. While doing a bit of a search for the new Callaway HEX Hot golf balls, I came across a site in the UK selling logo overrun Callaway balls at a pretty nice discount. Here is a link...
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    2012 Player and Rookie of the year

    Well done to them both. Very impressive year for golf. What do you think ??
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    A huge thank you JB and GG

    So I got home from work today to find a little brown box from none other then THP HQ. Very exciting indeed JB had told me, himself and Morgan were sending something as an engagement present for Regina and me. Who knew it would be something we really wanted. Thank you very much Josh and Morgan...
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    Review: Waterrock Golf Course, East Cork

    Today I played one of my local courses with a couple of good friends. It was a beautiful fresh morning in the sunny south east of Cork, a little cold when we teed off but the sun wasn't long coming out. A few of the greens had been punched and sanded this morning which made for some interesting...
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    Morgan Cup Iron Only Prep Round

    As part of my Morgan Cup prep work I have organised an "Iron only" round for next Wednesday. Today I played my second round with the Razr X Black irons and i'm really enjoying these irons. I know Cookie has done an irons only round recently and Coolbreeze was pondering it. I feel this round...
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    Camera Recommendations ???

    Anyone out there know enough about cameras to recommend a good one ??? I'm looking to take high quality photo's (obviously) I'm also looking to use it for making video's of my swing, preferably with high frames per second so I can look through frames to check different parts of my swing...
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    White polo shirt and sun cream

    So the big shinny thing in the sky came out last week while I was playing a round. I decided to put on some sun cream cos i'm Irish and burn if i'm under a 40watt bulb for to long. But now I cant get the stains from the sun cream off the collar and sleeves. It's currently in the machine on a...
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    My Morgan Cup Callaway Fitting

    I know some of the guys have already posted about there Morgan Cup Fittings but i taught i would start a new thread for all the new member that may not have seen the other threads. Being part of The Morgan Cup 2.0 is an honor for me and an even bigger privilege to be selected as a Callaway...
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    Best way to help a beginner

    Hey guys. As you may know myself and me girlfriend Regina will be going to The Morgan Cup in July. Regina wants to start playing golf soon so that she has a grasp of the game before we go. My question is whats the best way to start her playing, would it be - Pitch and Putt, Take her to the...
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    Gap in wedges (not gap wedges)

    With today's announcement from our tour rep about being able to order wedges from Callaway for The Morgan Cup 2.0 I have spent almost 2 hours on the Callaway website looking at wedges. I have come to a few conclusions. 1. I'm very lucky to be in The...
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    Members V's Guest

    Seeing as the last few days have been very busy here with the hot topic being the second coming of the Morgan Cup aswell as other things going on with the forum. I have been spending more and more time on here much to the bother of my girlfriend but i have noticed something that has me kind of...
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    buying summer clothes in winter.......

    hey lads, back in March of this year i bought a puma hex golf shirt for €50 at my local golf store. i have come to really like puma shirts as i find they move with my swing the best so recently i was shocked to find they had cut the price buy 50% to €25 each, needless to say i picked up 2 of...

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