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  • hi, i'm in. I forgot my password, lol and had to do through the hoops to retrieve and change it.
    But the downright honest to God truth is that I can't use it. The problem is that while Mike B. and I don't play EVERY weekend, we play enough for him to know if I wasn't using the gift. What's a guy to do????????? Will
    It was a refurbished but new to me driver.You can be sure that I am TRULY grateful for ANYTHING that ANYBODY gives me at ANYTIME but most especially in these lean times (for almost everybody).
    It is not a name brand, but looks to be a highly quality "knock-off". Any of us who has played more than a couple of years have certainly played with worse.

    Understand now that I am always grateful for anything. Always. However (pronounced "HIGHEVER" since you don't speak "Southern"...especially African-American Southern") this driver has a STIFF shaft and only 8* of loft. Diane, this driver was made for Tiger...not for Will! I have a hard enough time hitting my 10* STIFF shaft driver, let alone something less lofted. I swear, I don't think that either Tiger or Ben Hogan could hit this thing.

    Anyway, I did a great acting job and feigned my enthusiasm.
    Hey Diane:

    I have a sudden and urgent golf morality problem for which I could use your advice. I can't post it to the main board because the other person involved lurks here now and will likely join sometime soon. I do not want to seem ungrateful or hurt anyone's feelings. Here's the problem (I'm glad you asked (LOL)):

    A little while ago, I am at my local B&N with which you are now familiar. I am here working my ass off on a small real estate development consulting project for a prospective employer. (Keep your fingers and toes crossed on this, BTW.) Anyway, a little while ago, my good friend and occasional golfing buddy (we'll call him Mike B.) shows up unexpectedly with a present for me!
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