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    Taco Bell With Alcohol Is Here

    Taco Bell is about to open it's first location with alcohol on the menu near Chicago. Apparently they did a surprise soft opening today, and someone I'm friends with on Facebook claims to have purchased the first drink ever from Taco Bell...
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    I Started Playing Golf Because _____

    I started playing golf because ______ Fill in the blank. I started playing golf because my grandparents loved it and would take us to a small par 3 course when we were really little.
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    How Much Would You Pay For Extra Yards

    Speaking just about drivers, how much money would you spend to add yardage to your AVERAGE distance off the tee? We see players gaining yards getting fit with new clubs, but let's pretend there was a golf fairy and you could pay him to gain 5-20 yards. For me: 5 yards - $25 10 yards - $50 15...
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    What Would Be Your Golf Job?

    If you were to work one job in the golf industry, any job you wanted (equipment, apparel, courses, TV, etc), and you could get it now no questions asked, what would it be? I would be a club designer. Not sure if I would want woods or irons though; assuming they're separate. I would probably...
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    FS Gray 2015 THP Hat

    Let me start by saying the quality of this hat is fantastic, and the look is very sharp. I am only selling because I am OCD about my hats and how they fit my weird head, and never usually buy sight unseen. (I know I sound like a turd). $20 shipped CONUS. Just looking to get what I got in it...
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    Paging Mr. Kong

    Alright Freddie, hoping you can help me out. I've got six weeks until this golf event :D, so I don't want to do any major changes. Wondering if there's any smaller adjustments you can help me with so I'm not making big swing changes leading up to it. My two big things that cause issues for...
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    FS/FT Cobra Amp Cell 2-3 Hybrid Stiff

    For sale or trade is a silver Cobra Amp Cell 2-3 Hybrid stiff flex. It has a UST Mamiya VTS Proforce 85HS shaft. It does show a fair amount of use on the face, but it doesn't effect the performance. It also does have a 3-4 hybrid adapter, but I verified with Cobra that it holds true to the 2-3...
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    WTB C Taper Lites Stiff

    Some golf stuff goes out, some has got to come back in :D Title says it. Looking for a set of C Taper Lite shafts in Stiff. Thanks!
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    What are you building? (Club style)

    Nothing crazy, just gotta throw some grips on my irons and reshaft my GW and 4i.
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    FT: 13 Sharpro Dual Compound Grips

    13 Midsize Sharpro Dual Compound grips, color is blue. 6 of these are brand new, 7 were installed and on my clubs for two rounds. Two of those weren't used, and the others were only a handful of times. They were installed with air compressor over painter's tape. I'm only trading because I won a...
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    drp3434 Heads To Tour Edge Golf

    So I'm headed to Tour Edge HQ today to pick up some clubs and get a tour of their facility. I asked if I could take some pictures and ask some questions, and they are happy to oblige. Figured I'd start a thread to post up what I see, and see if any THPers had any questions they'd like me to...
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    Free Pro V1s to someone in the UK or Ireland

    So I won a dozen Pro V1s from Titleist UK on Twitter, but I guess it was UK/Ireland only. They said I can have them sent to someone who is there if I want though. So, first person to claim them in here, there yours. Then just follow up with a PM to me with your name and address. I'll then...
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    Miller Time: The Champagne of THPers

    Josh, this guy, he's one hell of a guy. I posted that I was looking at probably grabbing a Bertha head to stick on my new #Grandaddy shaft. Very shortly after I got a PM from him asking for my address. What do I get today? His Bertha head from #TheKing and a dozen SR2's he won from beating guys...
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    Honda The Other Side

    Stumbled on this thanks to Dave Cordero posting it on Twitter. This is pretty dang cool. Have to be on a computer to do it. Use that R key :D
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    Happy Birthday dhartmann34!

    Happy birthday Derek! At an open bar for your birthday? #winning Have a good one dude!

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