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  • Hi Bandito! Thanks for the heads-up, as I'd missed that thread. I'm interested in a game, but not yet able to commit as I'd have to check days/time off work. I'd definitely like to be involved though and could easily pop over to Forest of Arden or Belfry to meet and have a beer after, even if I cannot play.

    I only like 10 minutes drive from both those venues, so if you need any help organising this just give me a shout.
    i noticed initially that it was at the shropshire in telford,our head office is in telford and its not that far from me but i dont drive so getting there would be a real mission,i think it may have moved to warwickshire or something now,my playing partner isnt a member here maybe i should hook him up and see if hes interested,we already doing a few local opens and the belfry in feb which is eating in to our annual leave a bit so im not sure ide be available anyways :(
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