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    What sporting event are you attending?

    Would like to go to the MAC Tournament in Cleveland to see UB Basketball and some MACtion. Went a couple years ago when Nate Oats was the Coach and got them to #14 in the Nation and they won the MAC and went to the NCAA Tournament . Loved Cleveland especially the bars by the arena where...
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    The Official Banter Away Thread

    Snow starting to melt here and it is warming up so you never know. Hopefully we dont get a lot of snow in March and we get some March golf in. Temperature wont matter as long as we can get out. Golf outside cant come fast enough especially since we arent taking our annual Scottsdale trip which...
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    Eye Surgery

    My second eye is doing great it really is amazing. Both eyes are 20/20 now no contacts and no glasses. I still will use reading glasses sometimes but not for all reading. I wore contacts so i just wore the one until the second surgery. If you dont have contacts i guess the thing to do would be...
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    2020-2021 College Basketball Season

    Nice to see Nate Oats and Alabama win the SEC. Looking forward to the Tournament , fun time of year for basketball. Hopefully UB does well in the MAC Tournament and makes the Tournament. The Bobby Hurley then Nate Oats years were just so much fun, some great times.
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    Today... 9 Years Ago...

    Not a bad golf hat lol.
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    Callaway Epic Speed and Epic Max Drivers and Fairway Woods

    How did the dispersion and forgiveness compare between the two. Currently have the Mavrik Max but am interested in these two and wh how either would perform compared to the Mavrik Max.
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    Today... 9 Years Ago...

    “ I dont say im the best in the World because i suck. I say im the best in the World because i am “. How can you not love this guy.
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    Tiger Woods in Car Crash

    Totally agree just a very strange situation. I havent done a DWI in years ( dont do criminal anymore) but im not surprised that people get convicted at .08 or less because i know municipalities are much tougher on these now. And if he did refuse the breath test i understand why the original...
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    Tiger Woods in Car Crash

    I read an article that says he was .02 on the breathalyzer. In NY the limit which used to be .10 is now . 08. If the article was correct .02 is nothing. When it was .10 i used to be able to get plea deals to traffic infractions for people who blew .09 or lower. Dont know the particulars of the...
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    2021 Gainbridge LPGA

    Just sat down to watch this on the Golf Channel. We arent going anywhere tonight so this is perfect.
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    Tiger Woods in Car Crash

    Reading the article it is obvious the writer dislikes or possibly even hates Tiger. He goes so far as to reference Tigers father getting a contract while Tiger was an amateur like it has something to do with this accident. Notably absent from this journalists article is any reference to this...
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    DownUnder Board

    Have been thinking about this for a while just didnt order it. Today i got a promotion from them with Harold Varner using it . Nice swing. Ordered it today. There was a 10 percent discount code. WINTER10. Cant wait to try it i think this could be good.
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    The Official Banter Away Thread

    Lol around here thats what we say about Tim Hortons. Every drive through you see in the morning ( and they are everywhere) there is a long line.
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    The Official 2020 - 2021 NHL and Everything Hockey Thread

    Friend of mine who played said this is amazing . Lol dont know howt to post the actual video or i would. He
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    2021 Gainbridge LPGA

    Looks like Lydia Ko chokes up on her clubs as much as Brooke Henderson.

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