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    Tiger Woods in Car Crash

    Hopefully he will get a full time driver from here on out.
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    You need to start drinking water a few days before you play. I drink a bottle of Pedialyte the morning of and bring a bottle to the course. Sports drinks have so much sugar in them .
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    $15 Minimum Wage - Impacts on Golf

    I will be laying off at least 10 people. My family is more important than my employees. This is my business that I have grown. Good luck! Nancy will take care of you.
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    Favorite cold weather comfort food

    Texas chili(no beans) or Mississippi pot roast. Both with smoked venison.
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    First Dish for My New Smoker

    Brisket! 50/50 salt and pepper then smoke.
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    Good Walk Coffee

    Black Rifle Coffee! Veteran owned, operated and donated.
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    Tour Event 2020 Masters Contest and Thread

    Rickie "give 'em the heater" Fowler.
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    2020 Hurricane Season

    I live 8 miles west of TPC. My shed is in pieces. Other than that so far so good. Still getting some insane gusts though.
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    2020 Hurricane Season

    Around here too. Of course this is the 7th time this year we've had one coming right for us. The first 6 were false alarms, so people get complacent. We've got plenty food, water and gas for the generator. Ready to roll!
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    2020 Hurricane Season

    I'm in Luling, LA just west of New Orleans. Eye will be just east of me. Will still see 100+ mph winds. At least it will pass fast and during daylight hours. Let's do this!!!
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    Tiger at the Masters?

    He won't even make the cut.
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    What skill or hobby did you take up this year, outside of golf?

    Can you post your jerky recipe?
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    Cupping? Has Anyone Tried It?

    Dry needling is 1000000x better! I've had back and shoulder problems for 15 years. Tried everything out there for pain relief.

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