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  • Mr. Esox,

    Ive noticed Gracie has been quite the golfer this year! Congrats !Im sure you are proud, as you should be.

    I must recommend the ProMentalCoach computer program that Chunky, TexasHacker, and Gioguy are reviewing. Ive spent quite a bit of time with it myself and believe it to be the real deal. It really does help golfers' mental games. I know Gracie is on a great track for college golf, and I think that this program could definitely help her over the cold winter months in WI.

    I hope all is well and I really love reading the facebook updates! Go Gracie and keep up the great work!

    You sir, made my day with that post in the rant thread.

    You are a man amongst boys. LOL
    Hey old man! Hope you're well. You must be busy these days? Time to treat yourself to some i20's I reckon.
    Happy Thanksgiving Kevin! Let's hope the Pack wins and A'Rod doesn't get beat up like last year. Best to you and your family in Waukesha. warmest Regards, Al W (Gapwedge)
    Hey there Kevin, We had our first annual Virginia get together and we had a great time. WHAT is wrong with the Pack's pass defense? Hope they can fix it before the Lions game. Gap
    Hello friend, I see that you are from SE Wisconsin, are you familiar with golf nearby La Crosse? I dont know if you saw my post in the Course Review section, but I am visiting my brother who is pitching in the Northwood Leagues this summer in the 1st week of August, and would just like to know some nice courses in the area I might be able to play. Thanks!
    Cheers buddy!!!

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