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    Happy Birthday Thread

    @millsan1 Hope you're having an awesome day!!!
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    The dad joke thread

    What did the stamp say to the envelope? Stick with me and we'll go places together.
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    Time to come back

    Welcome back, great to have you with us!!
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    Scandinavia calling

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    Back after shoulder surgery

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    Bettinardi Innovai 6.0

    I'm a member on a couple o Bettinardi FB pages and I've not heard any talk about the finish of a 6.0 ever coming off.
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    Happy Birthday Thread

    :birthday: @wubears71 :birthday: @mhuelsman131 :birthday:
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    Happy Birthday Thread

    @MSH134 @Gummi Bear @AUWU11 @Thechosen1 Hope you guys have an awesome day!!!
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    Happy Birthday Thread

    @captaincaution Hope you have an awesome day!!!
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    What Golf Stuff Did You Do Today?

    Made a tee time for next Monday.
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    Happy Birthday Thread

    Thanks Steve. Appreciate it. :thumb:
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    Bettinardi Putter Thread

    Just picked up this piece of hardware from the Hive this afternoon. W O W......................................!!! BB0 RJB .999 Silver Stinger Dass
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    Bettinardi Putter Thread

    Have that exact same putter, but in Tiffany Blue. Don't know if mine had been refinished before I picked it up.

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