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    The Lawn Mower Thread

    Best thing that happened after moving to Arizona was selling the snow shovels and lawn mower!
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    What cigar did you smoke today?

    Indeed. That is the secret.
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    Stock Market & Retirement Planning

    Last year in my personal trading account, I did 54%. 2020 was a good year. Trading TSLA was a big factor. [emoji106]
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    Callaway MAVRIK FW Woods and Hybrids

    I do not have a Max 7W, but the Max Heavenwood is magic for me. [emoji106]
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    Arizona Locals

    OK, just one from the back yard after a cigar and a sundowner...
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    Arizona Locals

    Sorry, no pictures. Sunny and upper 60s at Sedona Golf Resort today!
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    What cigar did you smoke today?

    I mourn Rush's passing but only have 3-4 a week. I am 71 and have come to the conclusion that I would rather die while happy than die while healthy...
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    Review PUMA Ignite NXT Golf Shoes

    I love my NXT Disc shoes! The picture is from when they were new...
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    Considering a 3 wood change

    I am transitioning from a F9 3 wood to a Mavrik Max. The Max is probably going to win, especially for the killer Thanksgiving CPO sale prices.
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    What cigar did you smoke today?

    I hate snow too. That is why I live in the desert. [emoji106]
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    Arizona THP Golf League

    It is a good thing you like stuff like that. Sunny and mid 50s here in Oak Creek today. [emoji16] We're playing Sedona Golf Resort on Saturday. When we played there last Saturday, we saw a family of 3 bobcats on the 15th fairway lounging in the sun. Supposed to be in the low 60s this weekend...
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    Any motorcycle owners out there?

    I bought my first "bike", a 1949 Vespa in 1965 when I was 15 years old. That is when I realized that taking apart a bike was easier than putting it back together. After that, I learned how to turn a wrench. Then came a 1953 AJS 500cc scrambler, then on to a series of British twins, Spanish dirt...
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    Cost and Technology Resistance: Why?

    At what point do you think you can buy a better golf game?
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    What cigar did you smoke today?

    My new cigar "den" in the back patio in our new to us home in Oak Creek, AZ. We don't have any patio furniture yet so I am roughing it a bit. The red rock cliffs in the background didn't come out in the picture but clear blue skies and mid-60s outside... But I did just finish a wonderful La...
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    What cigar did you smoke today?

    No comment necessary, other than OMG...

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