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  • Good to hear that he held on to it. It was lights out for him that day and if I had a flatstick that could do that I would have to hold on to it forever.
    W&N is Jon too right? Is he still rolling that SeeMore that he won? He was money with that on our Sunday round on the Palmer. I love the sneak out of work to go golf bit. It makes me feel dangerous.

    Thanks for the el dia del padres wishes ese.
    Nah dude, stuck at home with the boys. Gonna play 18 with Caleb and Chris on Saturday. It's a dad thing.
    I'm hoping Chris makes it along as well. I think that's what's intended unless he gets shut out. Are you signing up today?
    Thats crazy cause my phone never rang and I am horrible ot check my messages. I just thought to this morning cause a buddy of mine called me late last night with a drunk message. I really appreciate it buddy. As I figure out if I can make this trip I will let you know if I may need a ride.
    hey buddy, I just got your voicemail....when did you call because my phone never rang. Thanks for calling, I am at work right now with horrible cell service. I sure do appreciate you looking to help out here.
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