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  • Hi Brandon - I'm new to THP and don't have enough posts to be able respond to your forum post about the Bassara W50 reg. flex shaft you I'm trying this email method instead. Do you still have the shaft available? I was looking for the A-flex but the Regular might suit me anyway...thanks buddy!
    Sal (aka: Leftie)
    No problem, So far this guy has not paid and I will only give him so long! With shipping included (priority) Assuming this guy does not send payment. I sell to who usually inquires first but in a case like this were I have a serious buyer on both ends but one is keeping better communication(you) I will go with them instead. I just need a bit more then 315 because after paypal costs and shipping I will only walk away with 285 and that's hurting me bad on a pristine Club with an exotic shaft! The 360 shipped would let me walk away with the 325 or so and feel a little better! Let me know what you think if this guy bails or does not respond because his loss can be your gain very easily here and were not talking much of difference other then 55 bucks! The shaft alignment was almost that much itself! I will keep you posted if your willing to match!
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