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    Ever just forget how to play on the tee box?

    I did this a few weeks ago. I was +1 thru 12 holes and cruising, on a new to me course to boot. All of a sudden every tee shot was a massive hook. Didn't matter if it was iron or driver, damn thing started left and went more left. Played +9 over the last six holes :mad:
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    What’s Your 150 Club?

    An every day 8, not easy and not full send.
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    Custom Stamping Ball Marker

    I have ordered 2 custom one from Liberty ball marker. One order was for 2 markers, one for me and one for my kid. Mine says Old Gun, his says young gun. They both say Team Greenie on the back. It was a little gift to remember his first 2 person scramble we got to play together, he was 11...
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    Clickgear guys, what bags work well with them?

    I have the 3.5 and have used an Ogio stand bag that was little small but worked ok. Have used a Sun Mountain c130 and it worked just fine. Currently using a Sun Mountain 4.5 LS and it works great.
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    Once your golf course is fully open...

    I've got a 75 yards hole set up in the back yard, so short game shouldn't be to rusty. Have the puttout trainer and mat in the house so putting shouldn't be rusty. So I'm going long game off the tee will need some dialing back in. I'm chomping at the bit for our local course to be open...
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    Who buys these?

    First time I ever met him he was hitting driver all over the place on the range. Watched him just get frustrated more and more. Couple weeks later I seem him again, no driver in the bag, bashing low irons to targets with ease. I asked what happened to the driver. He said he cant hit driver...
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    Who buys these?

    The guy I posted about earlier is from somewhere in or near the UK. He said that's why he hits a 2iron. He cant keep a driver on the planet and has a heck of time going over bunkers on shorter shots. Wants to bump and run everything.
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    Who buys these?

    I know one guy who not only has a 2( not sure what it is, but its thin and hes had it since college 20+ years ago) iron in the bag, he also hits it routinely and hits it 290+ with a baby draw. He is our current mens club champion. I know a couple others that just have a 2 iron in the bag but...
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    How Soon After Quarantine?

    I dont know that mine will change that much at all. Maybe a little more aware of contact and being more diligent about sanitizing but I'm ready to get back to the old norm!
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    "Fit For Golf" exercise program

    I really enjoyed the Sunday one, enough that I did it again tuesday night. I got yesterdays but haven't done it yet, plan to tonight. It definitely gets you a sweat going and feels good afterwards, not beat up but can tell it was enough to work the muscles. My plan while the courses are...
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    Electric (battery operated) weedeaters

    I bought an Ego model last year love it. Plenty strong for normal weeds and light brush. I get about 30 mins off the small battery that comes with it. No more making sure I have fuel and best of all it starts on the very first trigger pull everytime. I swear I've spent more time in my life...
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    SWAG Putters Thread

    Got my shipping for last night's order, still crossing fingers for lottery email.
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    SWAG Putters Thread

    Thanks for the info.
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    SWAG Putters Thread

    So I've never done the lottery thing. How does it work? I "bought" 2 this morning. I'm assuming if they happen to choose me they just put the full purchase price through and I'll get an email letting me know?

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