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  • During our school broadcast one student signed off saying, "stay classy Coopersville," immediately reminded me of your classy avatar!
    Its been up and down my friend! More ups though :) Trying to figure somethings out you know?
    Yes....Yes they did. Good game that could have gone either way at the end.
    Saw this on twitter, thought of you and laughed.

    Adam Kramer ‏@KegsnEggs I missed these university commercials. Can't wait for West Virginia's "because some people just want to watch the world burn" ad.
    I tried to give you some more rep concerning your post about "why we buy so much equipment" b/c it was effing awesome. I have to spread it around b/c I'm a stingy bastard with it apparently. So consider me taking the time to visit your profile page like rep buddy!
    Dude, it was an HONOR meeting you bud. Thanks again for all your help. I like the new name - either JB, GG or coolbreeze gave it to me hahahaa. I didn't pick it. I got a PM this morning saying " you have a new screen name hahaha"
    I can't stop staring at your profile picture. It's mesmerizing!!!!!!!!!!! ps I hate you
    Its all good Frank. Only a WVU fan would be more concerned with a football game than the academic reputation of their school. A degree from WVU is the equivalent of a degree from a refrigerator repair school.
    Thanks Frank! Props to the Lion-O as well! I was recently clued into the reset of the Thundercats on Cartoon Network - if you haven't watched it, check it out. They took all the great stuff from that childhood memory and threw out all the crap!
    I am attending Indiana Wesleyan University for my degree in accounting. I graduate in 22 months. Counting down!
    I've played the 'neech a few times. I'm up for playing in the Triangle sometime.
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