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  • Frank, Yeah man, AWESOME huh !! I am SOOOOOOOO LUCKY to have been chosen to be one of the bag testers !
    Thanks for the Congrats !!
    I'm gonna have a LOT to report on LOL .... new Ping Irons, new Ping Driver, new Ping Bag OMG !!

    and up until last Wed, I had NEVER even hit a ping club in my life, nor have I ever owned a Ping product .... That just CRACKS me up !!

    Tell me Frank, how does that happen ??? I'm in SHOCK LOL
    Frank - if I'm LUCKY the new sticks will be in this Thursday or Friday WAHOOOO !!! :bananadance:
    That 20% off is awesome. The Black Driver for $319 is a great deal, especially with the Miya shaft in it.
    I might have to do it! I am a big fan of the new line Cleveland is pushing out, it really works well for me.
    Haha, if I had the cash laying around to go with the entire Cleveland Black line, I would without a doubt.
    Yes sir. Right outside of Wake Forest. Playing time is short and far between these days but absolutely I would love to play with you.
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