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  • Yeah dude you should totally send a tape up to Wofford. Im going to send a tape up there soon. Its in Spartenburg so really you arent giving up the weather and the team isnt very good so there would def. be open spots to get in at. I was talking to our High School coach (who I hope to play for for the first time this year as a Senior-didnt try out last year) and he said unless you're playing in the US Am. Championshp or other prestegious tourneys, you wont get spotted and lower D-1 college dont go for the kids. He said they go for the kids who are proactive and send in tapes of their games and previous tourney info. He knows because a former player of his got signed to Georgia State this very way.

    You should try it b/c Im sure you got the game to do it.
    Haha ya they arent good but I would be more then happy to play for them. If I get really good Ill see if I can Walk onto the team Freshman year. Otherwise, Im looking at schools like Wofford, Western Carolina, Furman, Samford, etc.
    He played well all of the days but one, and I guess that one cost him. Do you have to pay to try out there? Here we pay $100 and that's like 4 rounds plus half a dozen practice Pro V balls.
    Yeah, I knew they were champs at baseball, that's why I was asking, haha. Good luck with walking on. I considered trying it here at Georgia Southern, but my roommate is a 2 handicapper and he didn't make it, even though he can shoot better than the entire team day in, day out.
    We're good to go. For some reason, I was being stupid and didn't even think to insert a regular image instead of the Sig Pic. Thanks again.
    I know. Its dinged up and they wont mark it down. I just bought a 2ball white ice belly. I love it!

    I dont work tomorrow, you down for a round somewhere?
    Hey man, any idea why I can't upload the image? If I put the website in, it says "invalid file." When I saved it to my computer and tried to upload, it said "Unable to save image"
    Sure man! Sounds good to me, talk to me after you talk to your friend and let me know. Ill also see what I can do around here to try and get a round in before I go back to Canada.
    Yeah, I didnt leave the property for the AT&T. It was a long week.

    AT&T National

    But if youre ever down to play somewhere else, let me know, I could probably swing it if I am not working.
    Absolutely. You can hit them all you want.

    I work and live on property at Aronimink GC. So thats my area. Our guest policy is pretty strict though.
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