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    Golf Leagues: Putt out or Allow Gimmies?

    I've been in golf leagues where there were no gimmees, and others where "inside the leather" was conceded. Gimmee putts did make rounds go much quicker as it eliminated golfers freezing over 12" putts, or marking and re-marking their balls. Even in leagues where there were no gimmees, putts...
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    Should dogs be allowed on the golf course?

    I like dogs, but not on the golf course. Inconsiderate owners would ruin it for other dog owners. Bad enough to battle goose droppings all over the course.
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    Do you enjoy playing in a scramble?

    Yes, for a change of pace.
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    Does your first hole set the tone for the round?

    I used to think so, but not so much now. I've had some horrible early holes, only to play good golf after that, the converse is also true. I've come to realize that each hole presents its own challenge to succeed or fail - I sometimes forget that and stress too much about how a "busted" hole...
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    What Golf Stuff Did You Do Today?

    Bought a new putter. Will give a Pyramid Putter a try. It has a 30 day return policy.
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    The most extraordinary round of golf you’ve ever seen in person?

    It has to be close to 35+ years ago when I was invited to join a foursome at Forsgate CC in NJ. Peter Oosterhuis, who was the resident pro at the time (apologize for spelling of his last name) was giving a 9 hole playing lesson to a consultant I knew. Me and another golfer joined the foursome...
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    Golf & Disposable Income

    When I retired, the cost of golf and other entertainment expenses were figured into our decision. So far it has worked out OK.
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    Coffee Drinkers Unite

    Been drinking coffee since I was about 8 years old - that's about 65 years. I've been through bean grinding, french press, glass percolator, Bunn coffee makers, and others, but I've been won over by the convenience of K-cup coffees. There are so many varieties to choose from, and since I drink...
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    Yay or Nay on Cracker Barrel

    Only been there when travelling. Breakfast is great!
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    What kind of bags do Caddies prefer?

    Light and balanced with a single strap which allows the caddy to carry "doubles." Of courser my experience as a caddy goes back 55+ years!
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    "The almost best round you have ever had"

    Years ago, in my early 50's, I was playing an after work round with my boss. Everything was in synch! We got to the 14th hole at Quailbrook GC in central Jersey and I was two under par! The round of a lifetime! Darkness forced us to quit.:( Maybe it was for the good as I probably would have...
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    Things that are gone from golf, what do you miss?

    The sound of a flushed drive - persimmon driver. Drinking water provided on the course. Free wooden tees in the pro shop. Mostly I miss how I used to play 40 years ago!!!:)
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    One shot you wish you could hit

    Shots from 30 yards in, includes chipping.
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    Have you ever played alternate shot format ?

    I've played it a few times. I felt a lot of pressure to leave my partner in good shape. But it is fun for a change of pace.

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