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    How Long Have You Been Playing Without Making a Hole In One

    Started playing in 2007, been close a couple of times, but close doesn't count.
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    Are you ready and/or willing to get on an airplane?

    Checked the Won't fly box but I rarely fly anyway. Don't plan to fly again but might If family was sick.
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    Better chance of another John Daly or another Tiger Woods?

    Would think probably Daly. I don't think Daly played above his talent, think he wasted it. Have thought for a long time that Daly may have been the only player with the talent to play with Tiger. He had a very good all round game in his prime.
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    Slow group in front. What do you do?

    Most times when I play through and rush it messes up the rest of the round. Try to find something to talk about besides the next shot.
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    Most Changed Club in Your Bag?

    I'm equal opportunity, have had a lot of any of the clubs that might only make a round. Much easier to blame the arrow.
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    Recommend a GPS Watch

    Have a Garmin S20 that seems to work pretty good. Not terribly expensive.
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    Putter of the Day 16 May 2020

    No way. Don't need a shrink to tell me what that looks like.
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    unions - are you a member of yours?

    Was in the union 30 years. While I wasn't happy with them at all times the main fact is that I probably would be a greeter at Walmart instead of being retired 20+ years if it hadn't been for them.
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    Am I the only one who hits my drives less than 250 yds here?

    Probably average about 160, it's got to where 180 is a good one. The bright side is that I am still able to play! Have lived much longer than I would have thought.
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    Blended Sets: What do you think of them?

    Looking at this thread and also looking at the thread about Adams being under appreciated gives Adams a positive vote to me. My second (extra) set is a set of Adams a12os, Blended! Cavity back, hollow body and hybrids, and they had several similar sets over the years. Almost looks like some of...
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    Driving Distance Relative to Index

    Would think long only helps if the ball is in play. Just look at the pro's that have messed up their game chasing ten more yards.
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    Costco Kirkland Signature Putters?

    Could see me in one. Rarely do I buy new clubs, use "Play it Again Sports" quite a bit Also a local shop that also sells used clubs. Just can't justify $400 for a putter regardless whose name is on it. Do generally like SC putters except for a heavy or center shaft putter.
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    Will You be Flying Before the End of the Year?

    No. It will probably have to be an emergency. Haven't flown in years but it seems to be getting more tiring to drive. One of the joys of getting old, but look at the alternative.
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    Will You be Flying Before the End of the Year?

    Never been to Michigan but do understand.
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    Shoes: Leather or something else?

    Different than most. Use Foot Joy sandals because of arthritis in my toes. With shoes I'm limping in 3/4 holes. Sometimes it's wet and others cold but works for me.

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