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  • Cartman as Dog, monitoring the hallways... lol Not trying to make light but thats what the rant of the day post reminded me of.

    I'm sorry I can't make it to the THP fall outing. Sound like it will be very fun. I hope you can enjoy it and not have to worry too much with all the scheduling and making sure things are running smoothly. I'm sure it will be great.
    Like the new profile pic! BTW great job with the forum and Facebook pages!! You guys are great!
    Hey GG! hope you're having a great sunday and sleeping well!

    Foster says HEY!

    I had a previous tee time of 1:24 to play East/East that anyone can use if they want to just play 9 holes saturday afternoon or doesnt mind playing the same 9 holes twice.

    We really appreciate all your help with getting us as much golf as possible. We do appreciate it, even if we are high maintenance.
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