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  • 125$ will get you a broomstick metalX. DART or #7 on callaway preowned. Good for resale value.
    Jeez that isn't very long at all! Hope it all goes really well for you guys. I know how you feel about wanting a boy lol! I have all this stuff I want to re-use and it would be nice to give Hawk Jr a little brother to hang out with.
    Thanks, Grant! Yep, next February. Should find out if it's a boy/girl on Oct. 5th. My wallet is scared hehehe
    Yeah MightyQuinn and I played 36 @ Foxfire on the East course only. I played horriable (swing adjustments) but it was a fun course. Long if you play the tips but for $30 dollars a round very worth it.
    Hey Grant,
    Have you ever played Foxfire? They have a deal two rounds for $59, so me and MightyQuinn are going on sunday, was just wondering how the course was!
    Thanks for the feedback, I'll be looking for these results...I expect some hard pan lies today
    I dont know yet buddy. Still interviewing, making sure I get those out of the way before I sign something.
    I am actually going to use Cookie's today during our round. I am anxious to see the hype and check out the feel
    Great video on the pure shot bro! Mashing the ball in the centre of the RH face. Have you experimented with teeing the ball up a little higher? Id be interested to see your results if you started hitting balls that consistently, but like a half ball higher on the face. I think the results may surprise you!!
    Dude, when the wheels start to come off on the greens, play wayy extra break, and way less speed. 95 percent of 3putts happen because people blow putts way by.
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