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    Trying to Break 100

    Just enjoy it! Over here, the golf course was the one place I could feel normal - at least once I teed off. To keep my distance, I walked every round using a pushcart (sorry - trolley).
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    Indoor Rowing

    3 for 3 so far in March. Another early morning 5k
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    For Trade SeeMore Mini Giant Deep Flange Stealth for SeeMore Mallet

    I've got an FGP mallet that's in great condition. I'll send pics tomorrow if you like.
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    Srixon ZX4 Irons

    Nice write-up Dean! Somehow I missed all the Srixon ZX releases & threads (Jman picked a great time to get out of the teaching biz lol!) Watching them all now & I'm eager to see what everyone thinks of the ZX4's & ZX5 irons & a possible blended set. I liked the 355's a lot - the tech in this...
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    Indoor Rowing

    Looks interesting, I'll have to check his stuff out. In the meantime I'm just rowing. Steady pace, but the pace keeps picking up. This morning I did 6,274 m in 30 minutes (with some pauses to play with the TV remote, etc.) This is about 25 meters/min faster than a month ago. And the thing I...
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    2021 Better You Fitness Thread

    Saturday's weight workout lift me super sore Sun & Monday. Ready to do it again. In the meantime I'm rowing & keeping on the intermittent fasting path. Aiming for 100+ km this month.
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    2021 Better You Fitness Thread

    Glad you found something Smiter. The important thing is just do something & keep going. The older I get, the harder it is to get started on a new path - and the easier it is to get started! I'm better at putting my ego aside & not quitting if things don't go as planned. In the words of the...
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    How Old are You in Photos

    All from the year I was born
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    2021 Better You Fitness Thread

    I have no problem going to Columbus to pick up equipment. At some point I'll have to move my son out of his apt. - depending on where he goes after he graduates this Spring.
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    Bag Boy Nitron Push Cart

    I love my clicgear 3.5+ but this looks really good! If it's built solidly, I think they have a winner
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    Which SuperStroke Are You?

    Same here. Almost the exact same time frame too. Funny how tastes change - cuz when I tried the straight 1.0 I loved it. Now I prefer the Tour SNSR grips.
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    2021 Better You Fitness Thread

    So - I don't have a barbell or a rack, so I can't do barbell bench press, squats, or deadlifts. At some point soon I'm planning on getting some Rogue Fitness stuff (since they're in Columbus, once they open their showroom up, I'll order & just pick it up & save the shipping cost & time). In...
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    Indoor Rowing

    Last row of February done this morning: 11 km in 60 min - that brings the monthly total to 95.86 km. I think the cost of the Concept 2D is really paying off! It's getting a lot easier to row hard without breathing hard. HR is up & I'm sweating, but the perceived effort is pretty low -...
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    Putting Lesson with SeeMore Ambassador Pat O'Brien

    Great post Desmond! I will second that "grip in the fingers" style! The SeeMore guy I took lessons with (shout out to Chris Carfangia) doesn't do everything the same, but he worked on me putting my fingers around the putter, and taking the thumbs out of the grip. I know somewhere on the THP...
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    2021 weight loss and nutrition thread

    The race is on! I’m down 14 lbs over the same time frame.

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