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  • Hey, you have a handle on when you could do Thanksgiving Point? Weather looks to be crap for the next week or so, but any weekend April 27th - May 12th would be great for us.
    Wasn't really planning on going to either of those guys, I didn't expect they would negotiate much. I have taken lessons a number of times from Jeff Wathen over at Mulligan's (good guy btw), but they don't have much in the way of a pro shop from what I can tell. They do have several demo days there though, so maybe I could work something out...
    Yep, I've found a few solid deals on some good looking Mizuno sets on there. I'm not quite 100% on what heads I want just yet though, so I haven't contacted any sellers just yet.
    I could absolutely deal with a 20% discount knowing that I'm buying from an authorized dealer who will back up that product 100%, that is a good deal. That's really what I'm hoping for, is to leverage the prices I've found online to drive the pro shop/fitter's price down to what they feel is their minimum.
    Yeah, it's a rough market out there sometimes. I've never been burned before, but it definitely makes you think about being careful online. I'd like to buy my new clubs straight from the pro shop, but they're gonna have to work with me a little bit on the price - I just can't justify $1000 for a set of irons. Used sets are definitely attractive in this sense.
    Hokiegolfer and I just bought our discounted Thanksgiving Point vouchers, so we are definitely in for playing there. Hear anything from your friend?
    Not sure whether it will be permanent or not; for now it's just a year assignment, and we'll see where it goes from there. Depends on whether I fit into our operations there and whether I like it.
    How was it? Looked like it was in decent shape, I'm probably going to try to hit either there or Glenmoor next week.
    We had to pick one between Sand Hollow and Coral Canyon, and I heard from a lot of people that SH was the one you shouldn't miss, so we picked that. I have heard CC is a great course though too, I'm hoping I'll get another chance to head down and play that as well as Sky Mountain, Dixie Red Hills, and Sun River sometime.
    I'd be down for an outing, but we should try to do it in May/early June as hokiegolfer and I are getting moved to the Seattle, WA area for work in June/July...Bittersweet!

    We are walking Southgate (haven't decided 9 or 18) on Saturday morning (the 23rd), playing Sand Hollow that afternoon (twilight rate, thankfully), and Sunbrook Woodbridge/Blackrock on Sunday morning then driving home. Real excited for Sand Hollow in particular, it looks spectacular. Hoping that the weather stays warm down there that weekend.
    Sounds good to me, let me know. We were thinking no earlier than April as well, because I'll be out of town the last two weekends of March.

    Been out to hit balls/putt probably 4 or 5 times now, starting to get into the swing - need to get there cause we're taking a weekend jaunt down to St. George to play in 2 weeks! Was at Mt. View practicting a couple times this week, looks to be in good shape. I've only played TP when there was some kind of deal that brought it down to a good price, like this ksl deal. Fun course, but we got hit with about a 3 club wind last time we played on the back 9 and it was TOUGH. I have heard great things about Wasatch, I need to get up there to play as well.
    Hey I just saw a deal pop up on for 18 holes at Thanksgiving Point w/ cart for $39. Interested in maybe playing there once it gets a little warmer with me and hokiegolfer? Hard course, yeah, but we were thinking of doing a 2 man scramble since we got our butts kicked last time we played there, and it might be a fun team game if you brought somebody else. You'd have to jump on ksl and buy the voucher from there soon, and we could set up our tee time sometime before it expires at the end of May.

    Let me know what you think, would be fun to get together and play such a nice course for a good price.
    Sounds like a lot of fun to me - hopefully the projected warm weather keeps up down here in the valley. And you're right that is an awesome price! Keep in touch as to when might be a good weekend for you, I'm usually free all weekend. I can get hokiegolfer in on this as well if that's OK with you.
    Sounds like a fun course, I'd like to give it a try sometime. I don't mind Mountain View, but I definitely prefer Glenmoor - Mountain View is kinda just a "oh it's a par 4/5, time to hit driver" kind of course. I like to have a little more to think about with club selection, and Glenmoor's narrowness and doglegs definitely give me that. But I hear ya on underestimating it - I've shot low 80's and a 37 on 9 holes there, but I've also shot a 50 on 9 there when I got stupid!
    I have not played there, but I have heard it's a fun course. I've played at Talon's Cove though which is right near there if I remember correctly. And yeah, I'm just a little north of Glenmoor, that is a great little course! Definitely have to think about club selection on a couple of those tight doglegs, and you really have to hit it straight on the back there a lot, since it and Mountain View are closest to me (Glenmoor is a much more interesting course though!).
    hi mate,i havent played for three weeks due to snow and sub zero temperatures but the last round i played i came back in -1 the slice is almost gone now due to my address setup,the posture help really improved my swing and bringing my left hand over to a more neautral grip feels a hellova lot more comfortable now then when first tried,do you not have any family here from generations gone by? hartlepool is a bit away from where i live,im about as central as you could get for the UK..hows your game going??
    i played this morning and shot 1 under (about average at the minute) using a more postured setup,i like the setup as i feel more confident now in my ball striking,at first i found it hard to get what i considered a full turn in,but im hitting the ball well and just as far so if im not i dont mind,my game is progressing nicely..
    thanks for the link,i went for a club fitting yesterday and after watching my swing back and from the comments made by the pro i realised i have the posture of a 70 yr old male lol,i worked on straghtening my back and stopping my left knee dropping in too far and as uncomfortable as it felt at first it feels natural now,although in practice my slice had changed to a pull,pull/fade at best i know im on the right track,my irons that i hit flush but taper off to the right slightly are now dead straight say 80% of the time,i also tweaked my grip a bit which has point he did say was that i should keep a bit of flex in my right leg and dont let it this thread makes perfect sense to me,thanks for taking the time to help,its most appreciated :)
    Let me talk to the wife, but I don't think she will go for valley view just because it would be a most of the day thing where the Ranches is so close. Plan on me for the Ranches and I will see about the other. If we did the Ranches Saturday Tim would probably be able to join us.
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