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    Sand Hollow

    Here for the follow. Have a blast my man!!!!
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    2021-2022 College Football Thread

    You guys make me nervous. This game will revolve around if we have a decent QB show up and if we can handle your passing attack. Interesting matchup though!
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    The Rivalry with UST Mamiya

    Early Christmas congrats, Rusty!
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    Do you prefer to drive or ride?

    That day was so fun! It was obvious you are accustomed to driving because you kept going to @OITW 's cart and removing clubs form his bag. 🤣
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    EXPERIENCE The 2022 Morgan Cup: Sponsored by Cobra Golf

    Super excited about this venue! Having team villas will make this event even better. 🔥🔥🔥
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    How Important Is Your Handicap to You?

    It doesn't matter a whole lot to me. I want it to be accurate. But, more import to me is gaining the skill where I enjoy the game and part of enjoying the game is playing in events where you are evenly matched and that is why an accurate cap matters to me.
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    How much wind is too much wind?

    I love playing in the wind up to a point. I once was on course where birds could only go in one direction. That was no fun.
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    Pizza Topping Choice?

    @baylrballa with the Not much to add
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    LIVE UPDATE THREAD The Ben Hogan Experience

    When I see Hogan equipment...
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    LIVE UPDATE THREAD The Ben Hogan Experience

    Yeah. We should have taken the bus to a pizza joint and just tipped the guy more.
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    LIVE UPDATE THREAD The Ben Hogan Experience

    Their hybrids are soooo purty! :love::love::love:
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    How would you handle this?

    Everything is negotiable 😀
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    How would you handle this?

    For me I think it would depend on what hole we were on and how many transfusions I had consumed at that point.

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