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    Michigan hackers, check in here

    Love the Orchards! Greystone is Awesome. Cherry Creek is good but the play is really slow, you have to be one of the first out for the day. Sanctuary Lake is pretty good and it’s close. I haven’t played Plum Brook in years but it’s pretty good. But I have only played twice this year! Sent...
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    Manufacturer refurbished gps

    I saw a good deal on ebay for a Garmin approach g6 with a free 5 year warranty for $238. It sounds like a good deal. What do you guys think. I don't have any experience with refurbished items but I think I will do this. I like the 5 year warranty
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    I hopefully fixed my putting problems

    All year long I have had problems making putts. I have never been the greatest putter, but generally better than I have been this year. I was watching the PGA championship and I noticed that most of the guys were standing farther away from the ball than I do. I think that I stand pretty close...
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    My first Bridgestone ball fitting

    I went to my local course and did a fitting. They recommended the B-330. They compared it to the Hex Chrome. He said that both ball gave me good numbers and that it didn't really matter which one I used. The side spin was better with the b330. Here are the numbers hex chrome h/s-107.8 ball...
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    Has high school golf changed in the last 30 years

    I golfed on my high school golf team my senior year, which was 1981(I am an old SOB). My coach took us the the golf course and dropped us off and said I will see you when you get done. He never worked with us at all, never taught me one thing the whole year. Luckily some of my buddies on the...
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    Looking for a new putter $100 or less

    Looking for a good cheap putter. Just wondering what you guys think is the best cheap putter out there. I think I want a blade or possibly a mallet putter. Just looking for some ideas.

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