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  • It is a hard game. I try for bogie golf, I had a couple rounds in the low 80's last summer but they were very far between and usually followed by a round just over 100.
    I think I have some family on my grandmother's side but when they moved they came with around 60 people. Almost the entire family. I have been covered with from before Christmas and sub freezing temps. I went south for a couple rounds a few weeks ago and it was okay, a bit rusty. I am heading south in another 8 days hopefully get out for one or two then. I have a slice I was able to work into a semi controllable fade. I average between 85-93 per 18....
    How is the slice coming?
    I just noticed you live in the UK, my father was born in Hartlepool and my grand parents moved here when he was 4. I have always wanted to get over there for a visit.
    Hi halfpenny, not sure anything is fixed, date or place. My geography isn't great, but somebody must be passing you to get there...I'd happily pick you up if you are on the way. Also, getting your playing partner signed up must be a good idea too...the more the merrier!
    Halfpenny. Have you seen the 'calling all UK based THP hackers'? Mav281 is trying to organise a get together in the midlands somewhere. Doable for you?
    Sorry Halfpenny, didn't see your message yesterday - in response to your question, no, I have never been a member of halfpenny green golf club
    I have too much turn and go past parallel if I don't stop hy hips from turning. Glad to heard its working well for you.
    Not a problem. I noticed it because I struggle with the same thing haha. His game is hard. I find when I try not to let my hips turn back and load on my instep like mentioned in the thread, I generate a lot more power and hit the ball online more and crisper. It helps to unwind from the ground up.
    Hey HalfPenny. I got my Cleveland with this shaft earlier this year. I think it is a pretty solid shaft. I came from an extremely stiff and heavy shaft prior, so this was a big change for me, it is very light. The lightness has added a few mph to my clubhead speed. I do get a little more wobble than I like in the shaft on mis-hits. I think that comes from the lightness. That being said when you are hitting in the center if feels nice and smooth through impact. I would say it is a mid ball flight type shaft. I have the 9* and get a boring slightly higher ball flight from my previous bi matrix shaft. It is certainly softer in the tip and stiff in the grip. I am a firm believer in getting fitted because every swing is individual so I normally dont recommend plug and play. If you can get fitted please do, if not and you enjoy tinkering give it a shot if you are looking for a lightweight powerful shaft. Best of luck to you and nice meeting you. See you around the forum.
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