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    What's the oldest golf related picture on your phone?

    What a day this was! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    ANNOUNCEMENT Signup Now: 2020 Titleist Vokey Experience

    I knew this was coming. Lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    What Course is Your Area Known For?

    I’m down for sure Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    EXPERIENCE 2020 Shaft Up #1 with UST Mamiya: Free Trip, Fitting and Equipment

    About to be some new recruits! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    CONTEST The Mizuno Experience: Win a Free Trip, Clubs and More

    Stoked for this. Loved Mizuno gear since I got into golf. Love the direction they have been going in the past few years!
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    EXPERIENCE 2020 Shaft Up #1 with UST Mamiya: Free Trip, Fitting and Equipment

    Good luck everyone. Whomever gets selected for this will have a blast!
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    WTB Found one, close it up. Thanks

    I have a mint Odyssey White Hot Pro #1 34". Comes with a new Golf Pride SNSR grip
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    Congrats @dacatalyst41! Enjoy the ride brother!
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    For Sale FJ polos-Mint-Large and mediums

    $25 each obo or will work a deal for multiples. Thanks Navy/Gray-M Pink/White stripe-M Gray/Pink and white stripe-L Green/blue stripe-M Blue/White stripe-L
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    Spikes or Spikeless - Defend

    Both. Morning rounds that are still a little wet get the spikes. Afternoon or dry rounds spikeless. FJ ProSL for my spikeless and Adidas Tour 360 XT for the spiked pair. I would give the nod to spiked as you can replace the spikes. I feel spikeless wear down quickly as I walk almost all my...
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    Who have you met?

    Met Gary Player on the driving range at the Ritz Carlton in Jupiter(now Trump's place I think). It was when I first started to play(hit some houses that day). Had no idea who he was and he was standing right next to me on the range. Was talking smack to this other guy that was practicing using...
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    Scotland/Ireland - Would You? Have You?

    I am set for August 2020 for Scotland. I have been planning it since August 19'. YouTube(NLU series), podcasts, Coyne's book, internet have all played a part in the planning. Plan is to do East Lothian(N. Berwick/Gullane/Dunbar/Renaissance etc) the first 3 days and then up to St...

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