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    CONTEST 2020 THP Holiday Cheer: The Final Day – The Golden Ticket

    Yes I am a Albatross Member I love playing TPC Southwind in Memphis
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    2020 THP Holiday Cheer Day 1: Shot Scope V3

    I am wanting to step up my game and this will help me dial in my Clubs to the right distances
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    CONTEST The Grandmama: A Full Bag of Callaway Equipment, a Trip, Fitting and More

    I think the Big Bertha B21 irons would be great for me. Make it easier for me to launch the ball and give increased ball speed to help with added distance I am looking for from my irons.
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    PGA Tour 2K

    Yeah I set it up kinda quick. I will look at the setting and see what everyone wants to do on it. I agree it should be balanced
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    PGA Tour 2K

    I have to make the difficulty hard cause I was killing them when it was too easy. Shot one 54 early on. Already up to the PGA tour now
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    PGA Tour 2K

    I created a group called Thp Group on Xbox
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    PGA Tour 2K

    What device are you on? I have the Xbox 1
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    PGA Tour 2K

    Message your xbox id ill add you to the group I created Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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    PGA Tour 2K

    Im on Xbox and have created a group Thp group. My id is Hogwild3170 Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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    PGA Tour 2K

    I agree. It is pretty much the same. I like how it feels much more realistic than in the past.
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    PGA Tour 2K

    I was pretty good with the speeds. Id love to get you on the Group wubears since we havent played golf in person in a while. That was always a blast
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    PGA Tour 2K

    Has anyone played the game today. I have and the graphics are very nice. I created a group call Thp group so maybe fellow THPers can play online and have some fun
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    CONTEST Pick The Winner Of This Week's PGA Event, The Northern Trust.

    I am going to go with Bryson Dechambeau and he will win by 3 strokes
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    For Sale Odyssey Stroke Lab One Putter

    Lowered the price. This brad new and never used. Id love someone to be able to use this

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