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    November Fitness Challenge

    Still going, a little work on my swing in the sim added up to a lot of calories burned. I guess at least something good came out of this session it sure wasn’t my swing 🤷‍♂️
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    CONTEST The One Length Challenge

    I've been playing OL irons for a little over a year and will continue unless I fall for a set that doesn't come in OL, looking at you T-rail. I'm a high cap who has a tendency to lose my swing every year for a bit, regardless of what clubs I'm playing, but i've played my best golf with OL and...
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    November Fitness Challenge

    One more day in the books, should be back to some more traditional exercise now that I’m home for a couple days.
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    Post a picture of your day

    Working on the road the next two weeks.
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    November Fitness Challenge

    A little light, pretty much just walking but I’ll take it for the closed rings.
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    I have the same trial. I watched the first episode of see tonight. Looks interesting so far. I think I’ll have to look around on it this year to figure out if it’s worth keeping.
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    November Fitness Challenge

    Tomorrow is a new day. or if you prefer a Game of Thrones reference, go fail again. in seriousness, I’m sure I’ll miss a couple days this month but then I’ll try to get as many as I can and then I’ll try to keep going next month. Then again I’ve got a loooong way to go.
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    November Fitness Challenge

    its Not easy getting workouts in on the road, especially at a really bad hotel but it’s done. I had to take a long walk while we were setting up at the show but the momentum continues.
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    Give This Hole a Name

    Considering they call some of the bunkers there “volcano bunkers” I would go with Caldera. Very fun, and challenging course. I need to get back down there.
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    November Fitness Challenge

    Travel day but booth set up and being on the third floor of the hotel helped close the rings.
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    What hand do you wear your watch on?

    I’m a righty and usually wear my watch on my left wrist, but when I’m golfing my glove tries to get my Apple Watch to call 911 so I switch it to my right. Feels weird and I occasionally have a call or text mess up a swing but not very often.
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    CELEBRATION You Are Headed to the Morgan Cup

    Congrats @Bernoulli!!! Have a blast!
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    November Fitness Challenge

    It’s going to be much harder the next few days at NAILE in Louisville, though set up should cover tomorrow. I’ve got a great week going and I want to keep this momentum going.
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    How many holes?

    Mid summer it isn't out of line to play 27-36 holes after work and even more on the weekend if I don't have any other plans. I rarely go out just for 9 holes outside of league and many times I'll play after golf with they guys in league before we go up to the bar for dinner and maybe a few...
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    How Long Since Your Personal Best?

    About a week before the Bridgestone Championship this year. I started the year playing really well with a couple PB rounds that carried through April and May. By June I had started to lose my swing but I had one round where I straightened it out and hit 90. It's been a bit of a mess since but...

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