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    Mentorship for the Ambitious Golfer

    I'll also add that joining a Men's League at Night was a great move for me. I have met so many players my age, with the same interests and same abilities. It made me a better player and have created some fantastic friendships.
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    Price Gougers on Ebay taking advantage of lockdown

    I look at pricing from 2nd Swing for used equipment and in some instances, you can buy a new one for $10 more. Makes me scratch my head a little bit.
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    Going Through a Putter Fitting at Club Champion

    Really a good write up on what appears to be a great experience. Nothing wrong with getting your "Hunches" verified.
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    Mentorship for the Ambitious Golfer

    I think what I need is a mentor. Someone I can get on the course with who takes the game seriously and strives for excellence with every shot. Someone I can confidently study and emulate. Someone who is actively interested in helping bring a novice to their level. I would imagine this person to...
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    What Promts you to Change balls?

    When I start seeing the ball move off the tee more than I expect - I have the wrong ball in play If I get more roll out on the greens from Chips and Pitches, I have the wrong ball in play
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    Callaway Epic Speed and Epic Max Drivers and Fairway Woods

    So one of things I'm struggling with is the larger Max head coming from the Epic Flash. I'm still working on getting my timing down. Anyone else have that issue? Maybe when you moved EF to Mav?
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    First Look: Callaway Apex 21 Irons

    Looks like the Apex TCB's are now available in the US. Got an email from People's Golf about availability
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    Best knee brace for golf? torn meniscus

    FYI - I torn my Meniscus in my left knee, (From Superspeed Sticks I think) I had surgery to repair it and was playing golf 2 weeks later.
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    2021 weight loss and nutrition thread

    Broke even this week with my weight in, first time this year I didn't have the loss. I did however lose 2lbs. in 24 hours. I walked 18 on Saturday, 11,000 steps and for some reason my weight went up 2 lbs. Don't know why, however after 1 day, I lost it. The Human Body is a complex being. I...
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    New Callaway SuperSoft and SuperSoft Max Golf Balls

    Funny thing happened today in reference to the Max ball. I found a yellow one and not immediately realizing what it was, I gave it to my Cartner that collects any loose ball he can find. He went to clean the Max ball and showed it to me and said “This ball is bigger!” Apparently it didn’t fit in...
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    Review Maxfli Tour Golf Ball

    Put these back in to play. Performed just fine. Seemed to have some nice spin off the wedges.
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    What Ball Did You Play Last - What Are Your Thoughts?

    Played Maxfli Tour in Hi Vis Matte Green. Every time I play this ball, I like it a little bit more. 2 dozen for $55.00 is a steal.
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    2020 Callaway Chrome Soft and Chrome Soft X Golf Balls

    Played the 2020 CSX today. Had some nice shots with it. I could game it full time if wanted to.
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    Gotta respect his Gumption though Any idea where he learned that "Golf Smack" ?
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    Cuater by TravisMathew: The Legend and The Moneymaker

    I've worn my Moneymakers once this year, forgot just how comfortable this are. One of the better shoes I own.

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