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  • Man, if you want to come play TPC you ought to wait until Fall when the rates are better. I think I was playing that course for $45 with a cart last year. You are welcome any time dude. My course is a real fun one too. They play the Monday Qualifier there and it's annoying hard at times.
    We don't have any plans at the moment. We were talking about heading over there the week of the Morgan Cup (early in the week), but I guess that's just a maybe at this point. I'll definitely let you know if we do. Maybe I can get something together towards the end of June. Will check with the boss!
    Thainer needs to get his facts straight. I most certainly did not change names 4 times in 3 days.
    Dude, I was Thainer21 then thainer then thain.

    I switched to theicethainn to mock theicemann at his 4th name switch in 3 days, but then he laid a turd and switched back to the near identical name as me. Crap. I will be changing it soon to something that isnt so theicemann-ish. LOL
    I appreciate that. Just cant seem to find any down here, and when I do, it's in limited quantity. I will let you know, Thanks again.
    it was a flip mino, great to have in your pocket and yes very easy to load. They don't make flips any more so you can get them dirt cheap. All of my videos are shot with it ot my Nikon Camera. I also have an HD sony video that fits in the palm of my hand that will travel with me to SC, little pricer
    I think we are very solid. We don't have the real low cappers that THP has but we have a very solid lineup of mids. I actually think you are my low dude
    Ha - thanks man! Those are great, I will definitely be using them in the forum. LOL
    Me too! It's all in good fun. I love the enthusiasm and it's good for THP and for the MC!
    hahaha. You're a real good sport dude! I like it when people throw it out there in the MC threads. Makes it more fun for everybody :)
    No worries! Saw you deleted your post so I deleted mine that I posted after your reply. Don't want to give any hints!
    Glad it is working out for you. I like healthy competition so get your game sharp and hopefu;;y we will mix it up at the Morgan Cup 2.0. PS you are never bugging me.
    I work up in the Bradenton area, and usually play the courses in that area. Both Legacy and Waterlefe are VERY nice, but do have a nice price tag to go with them. In that area, a couple other courses that I like (for 1/4 price) are, The River Club, The Preserve Golf Club at Tara, IMG Academies has a nice course as well. Also, check out the courses at the Long Boat Key Club, I can get us on out there for 100% discount (free...).

    Let me know.
    When in October you looking at being this way? Ever been down here? Legacy and Waterlefe are both great courses...i'm always up for a round!
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