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    Let’s try this again...

    Hey everyone, long time THPer here but went off the radar for the last 5 years. After my oldest daughter was born she was a month old and rode 11 hours with me to the 2013 Morgan Cup. I like to think I started her with golf early, but so far she has a bazillion hobbies, so golf hasn’t stuck...
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    Heading to San Diego: Torrey Pines North or South?

    Ok, so let me start by saying my first choice would be the South course. I'm not asking which course is better or more fun to play because I think the South wins that hands down. Here is why I'm trying to decide which to play: I will be landing in SD on the 26th at about 2PM and planning on...
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    Poll: Will Tiger make the cut at The Masters?

    He is officially in. What are your thoughts? First tourney back at the biggest venue in golf. Does he make the cut?
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    Favorite Simulator Locations

    A new place just opened up about 20 miles from me. They have 9 different loft areas where groups can sit and lounge and play golf at top courses from the country. Rates start at $35/hour depending on the size of the group/loft. Looked at some pics online and its a pretty high end place, I guess...
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    Cog Hill tomorrow morning?

    Anyone in the Chicago area interested in playing Cog Hill tomorrow morning? My friend from Chicago that was supposed to play with me just backed out. I was planning on playing Dubsdread but would open to playing #2 if someone wants to save a few bucks. Thinking around 10-11 am. Shoot me a PM if...
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    Harborside Club Championship Aug 24th

    Well I'm headed to Chicago this weekend to play some golf and this is one of the courses I will be playing. As I was looking at their site I noticed they have a club championship open to the public on Sunday August 24th. I am having the itch to play some competitive golf so I'm considering doing...
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    Tiger Woods announces new sponsor: MusclePharm

    This is cool news to me because I work in the fitness industry and deal with MusclePharm a lot. They have great products and they deal with a lot of great athletes, not to mention the one and only Arnold Schwarzenegger. It will be interesting to see what kind of products he endorses for MusclePharm.
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    More muscle more problems?

    This may be more of a mental thing, but I thought I'd get other people's input on this. We see many body types in golf from skinny, average, to John Daly. I remember a few years back when Tiger's struggles started some analysts thought he had put on too much muscle and that's why his swing had...
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    WTB: Miyazaki B Asha 4s Driver Shaft

    Well I'm on the market for a new B Asha 4s shaft. The clubfitter doesnt want to take responsibility for ruining mine that only got 4 rounds out of it. He says for some reason the original seller had to have used heat on it even though I bought it from a reputable golf website. Anyone here got a...
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    Getting hosed by an online retailed ( Legit site but I did order my B Asha from him last spring with the intention of putting it on my J40. I order it with the Callaway hosel on it so I could use it on my RAZR Fit until then. I only played about 4 rounds with it last year. Took it...
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    Missed you guys!

    Whats up everyone?? Been a while. Thought I'd check back in, I took a voluntary leave of absence from golf and THP for a few months so I could focus on my family for a while. The last couple of years I have been a golf fanatic and dedicated most of my time to golf, but having a baby changes my...
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    Live Update Thread - TaylorMade Tour Preferred Irons - TP CB, MC & MB

    Well someone has to test these things in sand, why not you?! :alien:
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    Live Update Thread - TaylorMade Tour Preferred Irons - TP CB, MC & MB

    What I would give to see sunshine and a green fairway right now...
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    Live Update Thread - TaylorMade Tour Preferred Irons - TP CB, MC & MB

    Wow prototype balls as well, this gets even better!

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