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    Review Arccos Caddie Link Review

    Link arrived this weekend (luckily was able to get it for the preorder price since I somehow never saw the email to purchase it once it was finally ready). Will give this a go next time I play. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Do you call them "woods" or "metals"?

    3-metal reminds me too much of Johnny Miller (whom I can’t stand), so I refuse to ever say it. It will be a 3 wood to me til I die. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Advice needed: TPC Sawgrass or Streamsong Red?

    I have travel for business to Orlando in September, which my wife will also be joining for. She and a friend of ours want to extend the trip to somewhere we can drive to, they want a beach and my only requirement is that we go somewhere that is close enough for me to play one of these two...
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    Requesting a swing critique, please

    Here is a driver swing from earlier this week practicing on the Trackman. I am currently working on: 1) "sitting" or "squatting" more at the top of my transition, but this video is on day #1 of working on that -- the intent is to stop driving off my right toe so much (instead of my instep) 2)...
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    What are "normal" yardage gaps?

    Playing this entire season with Arccos 360 has opened my eyes to some more data driven thinking about my game. In turn, this has also shined a light on some questions/things I never had really contemplated before. What is the "norm" for yardage gaps through the high and low end of a player's bag?
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    Traveling to Maui - rent clubs or ship mine?

    So I am going traveling Columbus > Napa (2 days) > Sonoma (2 days) > Maui (1 week) starting next week, and I am looking to play Kapalua Plantation course while in Maui. I have a Sun Mountain ClubGlider Meridian for transporting my sticks traditionally, but considering I am stopping in Cali for 4...
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    Arccos Caddie coming 5/22

    According to this video it's coming on 5/22 for anyone with 5 round as a "in app subscription with a free trial period". So am I correct in understanding that this going to be a paid add on subscription? I was always under the impression this was a free upgrade, perhaps I was being naive...
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    Please help me get back to scratch...

    Well, lets be honest...those years are long gone. That said, I'm working to get back to a consistent game in the low single digits. Last year wasn't a great one for my game and I need to work to get things back in line :banghead: Below are 4 driver videos from my range session today. Pardon...
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    IHWT gets fit @ the Callaway Fitting Center

    Tomorrow at 10am I will be going through a professional fitting at a Callaway Fitting Center, equipped with a Trackman III. Lucky for me, the only CFC in Ohio is local to me, about a 15 minute drive. My bag is all set with irons with the i20's I picked up last year, so I opted for the woods...
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    PURE grips - College logo edition

    So last week on Facebook I saw the below picture posted and commented that I'd love to see some Ohio State grips. PURE replied back by saying: I think these would be amazing. I love PURE grips, and I'd love to have an Ohio state set for my sticks.
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    What would you pay for one round at Augusta?

    Simple question here. What is the upper limit of what you would pay to play a round at Augusta? For me: $1,000.00. It would kill me to pay $1k for a single round of golf at this point in my life, but knowing that the opportunity would never present itself again, I'd bite the bullet for an...
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    SuperStroke putter tube

    My C130's putter well holds the Super Slim 55 okay, gets caught in there from time to time but overall it works. These are quite interesting though, I could see picking one up down the road. Curious to see what you all think.
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    To those pondering a 2013 Driver - Trackman Optimal Launch Data

    Thought I would post this up for anyone that might find it useful in their quest to find a driver for 2013. I will either be paying a visit to a Callaway Fitting Center or Taylormade Performance Lab within the next month or so, and I plan to take a print out of this in and hand it to the fitter...
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    20 pts - How do you allocate them to the areas of your game?

    Simple concept here fellas, and I think it will be interesting to see where the THP members place the most emphasis. You have 20 points to allocate between the 4 skill areas of the game, and then a secondary ranking to allocate those points to two areas within the primary area. Scorecard: 1)...

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