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    Thank you, Esox

    Just wanted to give props to a great pal of THP, Esox. Thanks also goes to Jr. When Esox came to Chicagoland for the golf expo, he and jr. took part in a long-putt contest. Due to their prowess as green-reading masters, Esox and jr. won some free golf rounds. Esox was very kind and forwarded...
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    Tour de France 2012 (spoilers)

    The tour is set to start in a few hours. And, of course, I will be watching. Hope it is going to be good, but looks like the overall is down to only a couple of riders already. Hope king of the mountain is interesting though.
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    Golfing with Pigeon Toes

    Shout out to all you pigeon-toed golfers! You got it: I am slightly pigeon-toed. It is not really all that noticeable, unless I had a few to drink or am really tired. Nonetheless, I am wondering what, if anything, other pigeon-toed players change in their swing? I make a few slight...
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    Questions regarding impact position slightly over shaft plane at address

    Hey Pro. I have a few questions regarding the impact position that are more theoretical in nature. You sometimes hear that a golfer should attempt to get their impact position, specifically the shaft, on the same shaft line that they had at address with irons (assuming that they had a good...
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    Looking to take swing to next level

    Pro: I am hoping to make some changes this off season and take it to the next level this upcoming season. Can you please critique this swing and provide advice/guidance as how to get there? Thanks a ton. This is a wedge, but I did a full swing (as if I was swinging an 8 iron) so as you can...
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    Comments on my swing?

    As I am intending on making some changes during the off-season, I thought I would get your thoughts on my swing. I am also posting this in the pro section, but I wouldn't mind hearing your criticism, suggestions and other comments. I have found the most success the last few years by "keeping the...
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    Ping's Solheim has a "solution" for the distance problem

    "John Solheim, chairman & CEO of Ping, thinks he has an idea for the golf ball distance "problem." In short, Solheim believes that balls should be like the different tee boxes on a course. Solheim's proposal seek a rule change from just one overall distance standard for all balls to a "ball...
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    Off-season Swing Change

    Hey guys. I am thinking about making a swing-change during the winter off-season. At the top of my backswing, my hands get pretty high... sorta like Nick Watney high. When it is on, it is good and powerful. When it is off, however, it can get ugly, really ugly I want to be more consistent...
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    Golf Desk Toys

    This is one of the desk toys I have at work. I often mess around with it while I am on conference calls. Today, while playing with it, I started thinking about other golf related desk toys. So... What golf desk toys do you have on the desk or around the house? I received this one years ago...
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    Tour de France 2011

    Anyone else a big Tour de France fan? I love it. I am pretty lame and DVR all the stages. I am more interested in how the USA teams place this year and the sprints. I think king of the mountain is pretty much already wrapped up. Of the 4 US teams, I have reasons to like 3 of them, so I need...
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    US Open Qualifier for Euro Players

    11 players earned spots in the U.S. Open in a qualifier for European Tour players. Unfortunately, Ross Fisher did not qualify and, fortunately, Monty also did not qualify. Ross Fisher can still get in the US open if he gets into the top 50 prior to the Open. He is currently ranked 52. It is...
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    Osama Bin Laden Killed!

    Osama Bin Laden was killed by US forces today and confirmed by President Obama.
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    Cracked My Favorite TaylorMade Driver

    At the driving range today I Phil-micked my favorite driver (i.e. cracked my driver). I noticed that the sound was a bit different for the first few swings. I just thought that I was missing the sweet spot. Then CRACK!!! The club just opened up, split like the asphalt splits in an...
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    Hacker stole PlayStation Users' Info

    Just wanted to give you folks a heads-up. Over the weekend I tried to use Netflix on my PS3 and noticed that the system didn't automatically sign-in as usual. It gave an error message. So I researched it and found out this bad news. Apparently a hacker has gained access to the system and...
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    Dustin Johnson and caddie split ways

    Just a few short days after Dustin Johnson stated that his caddy's "job is safe" here, DJ decided to split from his caddy. Of course, it likely need not be noted that this caddy was on the bag during two infamous and frustrating chances to win a major last year and was involved in the incident...

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