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    Automatic Golf Club (YouTube Video)

    I did notice one thing about it....
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    What Ball Did You Play Last - What Are Your Thoughts?

    Srixon Z-Star. First hole. 155 yd. 7i. Hop stop - one of those made for TV shots. Cobra F9 7i. Really hot of the face of my 3W. Driver? Not so much, but I think that's the driver because it was hot of the face of my old driver a week earlier. Nice feel around the greens. The ball made it...
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    If you had all the money and time in the world, how often would you golf?

    If I didn't have to worry about money, I'd golf about every day. Since I like living up here, I'd probably live in a different area and Snoqualmie Ridge would likely be my home course. Golf from mid-Feb thru mid-Nov. Travel to AZ to my condo for the winter.
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    Do you full swing your highest lofted wedge?

    58 degrees. It'll go about 75 yds. and back up. I usually hit my 54 from that distance.
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    Callaway MAVRIK Drivers

    See if I'm getting another stimulus check, I'd be looking at a Max with 10.5 degree (enough of this 12 degree crap), 44.5" just like my 2014 Big Bertha with a R shaft, Tour Velvet grip. 1) How is the face? I have a tendency to have a slight heely miss. Other than that, I tend to hit a little...
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    Callaway MAVRIK Drivers

    Anyone try the Mavrik Max?
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    Par 5s, First and Last

    I have one that starts that way. It's a relatively short par 5 to start, and a short par 5 to finish. However, while the 1st hole can be reached in 2, the 18th hole is more of a gamble. The 18th has water and a bunker to clear in front of the green, so if you're leading in a tournament you'll...
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    Space X Launch - Who’s Watching

    I tried but my cable box wasn't functioning properly.
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    Playing with an injury.

    I play with bad knees, bad feet, bad back, bad ankles and my shoulders aren't that great. My body says, take it easy. My mind says, "par 5... can we get there in 2?"
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    60 Degree Wedge Distance

    I don't use a full swing with my LW.
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    Worst shot of the round?

    I have to say it's kind of a tie.... 2nd hole: 3rd shot - flop shot over a bunker to a short sided pin - I hit the flop shot okay but I didn't get enough on it on my first attempt and it landed in the sand. GUR and NPR was back and try again. Up, over and on this time. 9th hole: 2nd shot...
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    I ... just ... want ... to hit ... bombs. My usual miss is to the right with the occasional big "Fore Left!" I'm probably one whom Ping: "The SFT driver is almost impossible to slice." Me: "Hold my beer." I was looking at the SZ Extreme 10.5 with either the Tensei AV Blue or the Helium Black...

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