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  • Is that 'early pick' who you're supporting or who you think is going to win the Morgan Cup? I am a fan of either answer!!
    I'm back in NuMex so I sometimes stay up late working on homework and stuff for my classes, and I tend to have THP in the background.

    I need to sleep more haha

    Oh and nah you didn't upset anybody about the name change, I think I did more though haha

    It's obvious at least to me that J4U and Janitor4U is the same haha
    Oh I'm not sure about tapatalk, I still have yet to try it sorry man

    thanks for the friend request by the way!
    Oh it's cause you changed your username but everyone still knew who you where without you having to say your old username and Thain was saying that Jack was trying to do the same casual name change haha but everyone figured out who he was immediately.
    that's awesome, what does he do for a living?

    hopefully you won't get a hat with a fake rory autograph haha (poor Iceman)
    Thanks for the welcome! Would enjoy getting out to a course here locally.
    Hi There,

    Just saw you were from Parker and thought I'd say hello. There are several Colorado people here if you want to get together for a round sometime shoot me a note.

    Again, Welcome to the site.

    I wish...well meeting and hanging out with his family. No, that is my bro-in-law. He was in my last avatar as well holding the cup with Ernie. He said he actually got to drink out of it with him. Haven't seen the proof yet though! He actually got to hang out with Rors family at one of the tournaments, dinner and the whole nine yards. Pretty jealous and live the golf meetings vicariously through him. I asked him to get me a Rors signed hat, will see if he comes through...lol. Won't hold my breath.
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