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    First Look: Cleveland RTX ZipCore Wedges

    Groves are going on my 64 and was going to replace with the price drop on the 4's. A little nervous about the changes but confident in what they have done in the past every time. Will give these a look before replacing...maybe. Awe man, just read that no 64° available! Good news is I don't...
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    Metro Denver / Colorado chat thread

    Hey Nate! Also been way too long!
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    Woah now...real world confirmation. Seemed like every hole was into the wind. Tracked some shots and can't wait to see how it does without a 15 in your face. Even with the wind I was further than before on every hole. Even the miss I had was way further, haha. So much further in fact it...
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    Haha, if there was a way...yes. Still have that other driver and bring it out from time to time. Doesn't work very well when not playing regularly.
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    Took my F9 in to compare with the SZ since they opened the stores back up. Grabbed some baseline numbers with the F9 and then put my shaft in the SZ. Lower spin - More yards...they kept my F9 head and gave them the shaft from the SZ. Will see what happens real world tomorrow.
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    Ben Hogan ICON Irons

    What TourV do you have in yours? Still pondering and also eyeing some TourV125's Last two sets from Hogan I went with S+ and pondering giving that up for the X. Think my miss is coming from that. Or not playing as much...ha.
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    Am I the only one who hits my drives less than 250 yds here?

    Love playing up there! Tera and I want to get back up for a weekend soon. Have they got that par 3 in town re-worked yet?
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    Am I the only one who hits my drives less than 250 yds here?

    Where abouts are you here? Hoping to get out again soon and get these lazy CO peeps out too.
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    Will You be Flying Before the End of the Year?

    Sounds like fun trips except for the work part! Stay safe! I'll miss COVID flying. No lines, empty seats, cheap prices. Although didn't do much of it, when I did it was peaceful. So yes, I would fly if needed.
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    Ben Hogan ICON Irons

    Plus the low CG has me a bit concerned about ball flight. High is high and don't think it could get worse. Spin is a thought but still...oh my. If they could get the TourV 125 I would be on the phone. Thankfully, it's still ponder.
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    Ben Hogan ICON Irons

    Got the answer I didn't want but expected from Tyler. Ponder is engaged and straight up blind buy without trade in is still and option. From what we've discussed I don't think it would be a bad swap. Trade in is still suspended, so at least it has me still in ponder mode and not pulling...
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    Ben Hogan PTx Pro Forged Irons

    Haha, guy couldn't hit a dandelion standing still but had a blast with the irons he said. Long round but the four of us had a blast. Golf is hard!
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    THP TV - Tour Acceptance - KBS Tour V Shafts

    I'm gravitating away from X but still enjoy them as they help when I get crazy. My goto now is getting an S hard stepped and if available an X soft stepped (harder to come by with the only vendor I use right now). If you can find a set of TourV 125 online that's my sweet spot. I still have a...

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