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  • You can check more details out at www.arthursports.com
    what I like about the two I have (k15 driver and K15 3 wood) is that they play true to flex, not boardy at all, and of course the price to performance value is unbeatable. I probably should have gone for the 6+ in the driver but 6 works well for me. These shafts are Lethal combo in the K series for accuracy.

    I went to the website and based on their recommendation for SS and desired ball flight asked for their recommendation. Went for AXE 6 for driver, and tour for 3W. Decided to play Driver at 44.5 (vs Ping 45.5 stock) and decided to play 3W to 42.5 (vs 43 stock)

    good luck
    Hi there. Can you give me some info on the AXE shafts? What do you like about them? How did you get fit for them?

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