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    Something that isn’t clear; will there no longer be a start and end to index tracking season? Seeing as the course rating/slope can be...
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    Things i like; -weather adjustments to course difficulty - daily adjustment vs bi-weekly -easier to move index down than up The guy i...
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    JayB replied to the thread Count backs in a tie.
    Totally agree; you were screwed. Doing it on order played in lieu of difficulty is total horse hockey. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    JayB replied to the thread The Art of Balance.
    I switched to a standing desk and a whirllyboard balance board at work. My balance has improved on the board dramatically, which in turn...
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    JayB replied to the thread What was your greatest recovery?.
    I'm not sure I understand what this is about; 'recovery' shots? I consistently bat 100% on hitting fairways and greens so this shot you...
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    JayB replied to the thread How many courses this year?.
    16 rounds thus far.... 7 different courses 2 courses I hadn't play before 2 states 2 countries
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    JayB replied to the thread Your Putter Value (Opinion).
    a "premium" scotty in my eyes is nothing more than dutch tulip mania. there just isn't anything other the the badging that makes them...
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    JayB reacted to 5150's post in the thread Worst Partner Playing Experience with Like Like.
    As a guest at a friend’s private club I once played with a guy who was two bottles of wine in by the 10th tee. He laid down on the 12th...
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    JayB replied to the thread Worst Partner Playing Experience.
    Last Sunday I got paired with a random guy. Pounding beers every hole. Slurring drunk by turn. Inappropriate creepy behavior with hot...

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