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    2020 World Handicap System - Explained

    Something that isn’t clear; will there no longer be a start and end to index tracking season? Seeing as the course rating/slope can be adjusted for weather, temperature and course condition should no longer matter, allowing you to post rounds all year long. Right? Sent from my iPhone using...
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    2020 World Handicap System - Explained

    Things i like; -weather adjustments to course difficulty - daily adjustment vs bi-weekly -easier to move index down than up The guy i have been playing with will likely stop getting 6 strokes a side from me as his index comes down from stratospheric weather balloon level. Sent from my iPhone...
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    Count backs in a tie

    Totally agree; you were screwed. Doing it on order played in lieu of difficulty is total horse hockey. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The Art of Balance

    I switched to a standing desk and a whirllyboard balance board at work. My balance has improved on the board dramatically, which in turn has improved my swing balance. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    What was your greatest recovery?

    I'm not sure I understand what this is about; 'recovery' shots? I consistently bat 100% on hitting fairways and greens so this shot you speak of isn't something I come across....:p
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    How many courses this year?

    16 rounds thus far.... 7 different courses 2 courses I hadn't play before 2 states 2 countries
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    Your Putter Value (Opinion)

    a "premium" scotty in my eyes is nothing more than dutch tulip mania. there just isn't anything other the the badging that makes them terribly special. I could justify the premium price on some of the boutique putters (like a Lamb) that really are pieces of art as much as a club. That said, the...
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    Worst Partner Playing Experience

    Last Sunday I got paired with a random guy. Pounding beers every hole. Slurring drunk by turn. Inappropriate creepy behavior with hot dog girl at the turn. Has words with another golfer before we go to 10. Tops it off by cursing me out on 18 tee for declining to bet with him on the final hole...
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    Do you play better walking or riding?

    We have plenty of threads on how slow play affects your game. I’m curious if you perceive a difference when walking vs riding? me personally, I play better when walking. When I ride, I seem to perceive late round fatigue a lot. When walking, even though I may be sucking wind, my performance...
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    the appeal of raw wedges - start a discussion

    I'll put it out right out there; I don't like the look of a rusted raw wedge. I don't get it. Nobody seems to want raw irons or raw putters. So it just looks like you have a couple of beat up old clubs you stole from the loaner bin at the local muni. In the spirit of understanding other...
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    Florida man... lets have fun

    This whole thread is hilarious!
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    Rules Genie for day - what change would you make?

    Tons and tons of rules discussion on the forum about what is liked / disliked. I'll pose the question a bit differently. You rubbed the magic ball washer on the 13th hole. Out pops the Golf Genie. he grants you the power to add/delete/change 1 rule in golf. What is your wish? For my wish, I...
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    How has your 2019 golf season started?

    Yesterday i had my first green grass session hitting balls since November. Winter sim and net practice seems to have put me on the right track for my first round of the year tomorrow. so how have your seasons started; cooking hot? Forgotten how to swing? or waiting for the snow to melt to find out?
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    Shut it down for the winter - did it help?

    In previous seasons, I have played throughout the winter. This year I shut it down (combo of weather and other time constraints). I am just now starting to swing again and it is feeling pretty good. Maybe the time off has helped. We,ll see once I get on the course. so, what does everyone else...
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    finally getting on the course again

    People who take off long periods of time from the game confuse me. My season got shut down in late September and the few opportunities I have had were wash outs. I am lined up to play this Sunday in acceptable winter conditions (40 degrees, partly overcast). This will be my first round in 11...

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