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  • Congrats on being selected to The Morgan Cup! Great to have you on board and looking forward to teeing it up with you in July!
    Welcome to the Morgan Cup! Congrats. It's one heck of a journey. Glad to have you aboard.
    haha alright man just making sure you weren't in the hospital or somethin.. make sure you get your paypal to me before i spend it on somethin else haha (lol jkin, i wouldn't do that)
    Hey man i see youre online but you havnt sent me a message.. I dont want you to think im bailing on paying you..
    THP Get together:
    you said you work at heron? that's awesome...
    could you possibly set up our tee time, and if you could get us some discounts, that'd be great, considering i hardly have enough money to do this..
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