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  • I don't want a lot of folks commenting so I wil respond here...

    It seems that what happened to you has happened to a few ppl on THP. The club fitter should have let the fitting do the talking. If you wanted the mizuno swing opt. then he should have found some time. The base of the fitting was good, swing your club and judge off that. The lie angle is different on all clubs but it also was not correct on your current set, right?
    The key is to now take the information you recieved and get the clubs you want or a set that was recommended with the proper lie and loft angles as well as length. I know you may be frustrated but you got a lot of good info. Use it to advantage....If you want to know what shafts work best, go to another big box store and swing some club with different shafts. That is free...Edwin watts and Golf Galaxy. I frequently demo clubs from Edwin watts free of charge for days at a time.
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