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  • yup I got mine for basically the same price but didn't have to pay tax. we both got good deals for sure!
    what do you mean did I see it? he has slot of them for sale. u talking about the price is already high?
    lol did you not read where it said that? my bad! i forgot you lived in florida! but it said in big bold letters that all FL people must pay sales tax.. how much did it end up?
    o well, if you dont like it you can turn around and sell it and get your money back, but im almost willing to be you will love it!

    bid bid now! lol
    haha well i hope you like the superfast since i making you buy it. il feel bad if you dont like it lol
    ya there is a few on there. i just wasnt for sure on what flex you needed.. i hope you win that thing, then your bag can actually look normal since you will have a taylormade club in there hahaha
    no problem man! that one thats at 99 right now is looking really good. you should be able to get it for probably 125 plus the 11 shipping. just depending on how much you want to spend.. its working good for me so far, its one bad 3 wood!
    Sure.They've been cut though,all except the 3 iron shaft.They also have PING grips on them.I don't know if I still have the shaftbands which I never put on them.$80 would make me happy but that's not set in stone.
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