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  • Nice job on the photo editing buddy! Pretty good looking mugshot if I say so myself. lol
    Got it yesterday evening. Ran to the course and got it set up how I like it. Hit it really well. Thanks for the 3 wood.
    Congrats on the big win....I think it's too funny that half the people here now call you "Jersey Nate" after I just threw that out there for Texas Nate...any just wanted to say Congrats!
    I know you are going to make it. You have been a great THP'er, you are a natural for the event and I know you would rep it to its fullest. By this weekend, I know it, you will be a 2013 Morgan Cupper. I hope you are able to get in contact with your friend soon, so that is at least off your mind.
    Keep your head up, brother. I know before this is all said and done, your name will be called as a 2013 Morgan Cupper. You deserve it and I am rooting for ya' pretty hard. If not, you and I will make the 2014 team. :)
    Thanks for the nice words ! I'll be looking for your posting of that HOTD ..... boggies are OK :) as you said, could have been much worse !! :D
    Yeah, not every hole that we video is gonna be a birdie :laughing: but like you said, it is FUN TO SHARE ..... I'm gonna get over there and watch it right now !

    Thanks for letting me know you posted it up !
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