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    WTB/WTTF: LH Cleveland Classic XL Custom Driver Head

    Hey everyone! Just looking for a LH Classic XL Custom head to tinker with - I've been missing my Classic's head shape and I'd love to put this up against my 588. Thanks!
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    Toughest Tee Shot For Amateurs? The 2014 Morgan Cup Opening Tee Shots

    Yep, memories flooding back...that tee shot was without a doubt the toughest tee shot I've ever hit.
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    FS: LEFTY Wilson Staff Ci11s 5-PW w/ KBS Tour 90s

    Up for sale are my LH Wilson Staff Ci11s with KBS Tour 90 stiff shafts. Used for a couple seasons with appropriate sole and face wear. There is one small chip on the 7 iron (pictured) from hitting a hidden rock from a fairway bunker. Specs: +.5", 2* upright, THP Pure Grips. Looking for $120...
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    Cleveland My Custom Wedge - New Style for the 588.

    Cleveland Golf has just launched a new option for their custom 588 RTX wedges, as per their Facebook and Twitter feeds: 444230810216833024 What do you THPers think about this new look?
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    Happy Birthday, Michigan Slice!

    Happy Birthday, hope you have a wonderful day!
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    Happy Birthday, Mikedean!!!

    Happy Birthday to our one and only 441, the #PartyPlannerExtraordinaire, our phenomenal Events Coordinator. Thank you for everything you've done for THP, Mike, and I hope that you have a wonderful birthday...
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    Golfing "Fads" - Your picks!

    Having not been around the game for a long time, I am curious about what THP thinks were/are golfing "fads" that may or may not have lasted. An "in" thing that caught on and spread for a while, whether it is a piece of clothing, an accessory, or a piece of equipment. So, THP, what are some of...
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    Nicotine and Golf - How does it affect your game?

    Inspired by d_in_la's caffeine thread, how does nicotine effect your play on the course, if it does at all? Do you use nicotine to try and help your mindset and your game?
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    Iron Feedback - does it "Hurt so good?"

    In various threads pondering equipment and review threads on iron sets here, there are varied opinions about how important iron feedback is to golfers. you want that biting sting when you miss the sweet spot? Is there a fine line for the average golfer wanting to improve...does he/she...
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    Misses - we all have them, what is your worst?

    Golf is a game of managing and eliminating misses. What is your typical or worst miss that you are working on as a part of your game? Mine has to be the pull/hook, especially on my irons. Working on a setup and grip change, as well as my swing path, and will get this miss ironed out by Morgan...
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    Diversity in the Game Today

    The game of golf has undoubtedly undergone an evolution in many aspects - equipment, rules, global reach...and I am wondering what THPers think about the evolution of the game as far as the diversity of its players. Does the game still need to try and attract a more multicultural base to...
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    WTB: Cleveland Classic XL Custom Weight Kit / Adaptor sleeve

    Looking for a weight kit and adaptor sleeve for the Classic XL Custom...have one sleeve on the way, but need one more. Thanks everyone!
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    Putter Grip Size: What's your preference?

    There is a lot of putter talk on THP, from milled vs insert, to specific brands, to the latest and greatest coming out this year. One thing I didn't see is a thread / poll collecting what size of putter grip people enjoy the most. So, do you prefer a small/slender putter grip, a medium sized...
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    Live Update Thread - TaylorMade Tour Preferred Irons - TP CB, MC & MB

    Can't wait for another day of awesome updates. Thanks again everyone! Hope you guys with MBs don't catch a few thin in this cold!

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